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Hello guys, welcome to this blog. So here we will be going to discuss the best free fire esports team in India. So, pause your other work for some time and give your attention to this topic so that you can update yourself. I think there will hardly be anyone who does not know about this game. Stay tuned with me and get more updates here.

best free fire esports team in india
Garena free fire

Now we are in 2022 and for the last 6 months, we saw great growth in the free-fire exports team of Asia. All the team is giving their best to be on the top. You may have got the update from somewhere else but am sure that the update you got from somewhere else was incomplete. 

To get you the update from the last 6 months, I decided to prepare a blog so that all the lovers of free can get the whole information in a single blog. Without wasting much time, let’s start the discussion about the Best esports team in India free fire.

The Best Free Fire Esports Team in India, according to our ranking, is:

1-Orange Rock

best free fire esports team in india

There are various things in the world that are considered dangerous but when we talk about our country “India” so, as you all know that we Indians have always proved to be good no matter what the field is. In free fire teams, few teams made India proud, not in their own country but globally also. The Orange Rock esports team is one of the best ff esports team in India. The owners of the orange rock team were Mavi and Carry who performed amazingly in PMCO India Finals. The existence and the Sandhu were also included in this team later than this Orange Rock team was formed.  

2- TSM Entity

best free fire esports team in india

The TSM Entity team is the most well-known team of Asia that took place in the second row in the tournament. This team is an Indian pubg mobile gaming team and an Indian organization that is in partnership with TSM and Entity gaming. Entity Gaming Private Limited’s CEO is “Neerav Rukhana.” The TSM Entity team played the first major tournament that was PMCO India spring split 2019.

3-GXR Celtz

best free fire esports team in india

GXR Celtz team is in the third position that used to be in the 9th position for a long time. Now this team is counted among the top free fire teams of India and also won the prize of a huge amount that was $10,500. When we talk about today, the total earning of this team in the current time is $43,048.

4-Total Gaming (A Free Fire Game)

best free fire esports team in india

The Total Gaming Team Is an Indian Organization that entered the pubg by signing the Mafia’s. Fozyajay is a leader of this team and pinned this team in the 4th position by his efforts. The net worth of this team is $49,692.

5- The Megastars (Pubg Mobile)

The Megastars is the organization of popular gaming that is competing in PUBGM, Clash of Clans, and the Clash of Royals and took place in 5th position. The CEO of this team is Chandni who makes a net worth of $32,268.

best free fire esports team in india


Nimish is the manager of this team and pinned this team in the 6th position. This team set out their location in India and London. The Net worth of the Fnatic team is $24,384.

best free fire esports team in india

7- SynerGE (A Pubg Mobile Game)

best free fire esports team in india

 This team was formed in October of 2019 October and with their great efforts, this team is now in the 7th position. Sameer Peerjade is the owner of this amazing team. The net worth of the SynerGE Team is $21,106.

8-Nova Godlike (A Pubg Mobile Game)

best free fire esports team in india

Nova team is based in Hongkong and now it announced its entry in India by partnering with the Indian Team which is Godlike. The net worth of the Nova Godlike team is $20,100.

9- TeamIND (Pubg Mobile)

best free fire esports team in india

TeamIND is an Indian pubg mobile game team. This team took the 9th position for now. The company is based in India and was created in 2019. The net worth of team IND is $17,678.

10-Critical X Elite

best free fire esports team in india

And now the team that holds the place in the last, which is the 10th position, is Critical X Elite. Abhishek Joshi is a co-founder of this team. The net worth of this team is $13,641.

These are the Best Esports Free Fire team in India who put their great efforts to make their teams in the top list. Their efforts are the only reason that today we are discussing their teams. If you also want to be in the top 10 teams then register at Garena Free Fire Tournament.

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