Top 5 Games Like PUBG Mobile For Android And IOS: Rules of Survival, Free Fire And More


The popular online game PlayerUnkown's Battleground, popularly known as PUBG, is the rage among all the gaming community and has broken several records in the past year. Available on Android and iOS, PUBG Mobile is particularly known for its excellent functionality and customization for all types of smartphones and tablets. However, the focus on mobile means that there is a gradual decline in concurrent player numbers for full versions. The goal of the game is to survive the battlefield without being killed and the last player who stands out is the winner. There are various mobile games that run with the same format as PUBG, here are some mobile options that you can try with ease.

Rules of Survival:

Survival Rules Players enjoy games such as UNDogs Battleground and bring it into the mobile space. If you want frantic, tactical action on your mobile phone, then the rules of survival are definitely worth checking out. In the game you will face up to 120 opponents in intense PvP action, and the rules of this Survival Guide will help you get started in the game. You can play singles, which are against you all. Duos, who is a partner against you and other teams of two, and then Squad, who pits you and three others against other teams of the same number. After selecting which mode you want to play on the main menu, you can choose the server you want to log in to.

Free Fire:

Free Fire - Battleground is a live, third-person shooter game in the form of Battle Royale. 50 players parachute to a remote island, where there is only one winner - the last person standing. Players freely choose the starting position, grab weapons and increase your chances of survival on the battlefield. The battlefield shrinks over time, allowing players to engage each other in strategic and varied environments. Free Fire - Battleground is the ultimate battleground game with the most realistic graphics and easy to use controls.

Black Survival:

If you like Battle Royal, The Hunger Games or Player Unknown Battleground, then you will definitely like Black Survival too! Black Survival is the last-lasting, Battle Royal style PvP game by ARCHBEARS. The details of the game at the store are as follows:

Black Survival is a real-time survival game, where you must survive in a deserted island with any of the 10 contestants. Make split second decisions with one click! Immerse yourself in a fierce battle for survival; You have no other! Search, Craft, Attack, and Run!

Survival Royale:

A game by the makers of the rules of survival. The parallels between the rules and this one cannot be written off. The controls on the screen are intuitive and can be used without much difficulty. There is a safe ring, which you have to play as it becomes smaller over time. Failure to do so that you will suffer from damage that will reduce your health and eventually lead to death if you fail to reach a safe circle.

You can also play in additional modes, such as Firework Knight where you only have firework weapons to fight enemies. Occasional shield mode where you are immune to weapons for a short time.

Battle Royal Strike Survival:

Battle Ops Royal is a survival FPS game. You can make your own team and go to the battlefield. Its vast battlefield and survival against enemies.

You can make your battle ops royal room 30 players can play with you. Enter the battlefield and get weapons. Show your skills Its real action shooter is FPS game.