When was Garena Free Fire released

Although the success of Garena Free Fire as a mobile gaming phenomenon may seem somewhat recent, the truth is that the game was launched on December 4, 2017 for iOS and Android. It has been gaining popularity since then, partly due to the success of formulas such as PUBG and Fortnite.

With over 100 million downloads only on Android and millions of active players each month, the title has become a benchmark for the Mobile Battle Royal game. It has earned the respect of purists, while at the same time attracting casual players (most mobile viewers, by the way) as well as being young.

The main attraction of Garena Free Fire is that it is completely free to play. In fact, it can be free for as long as the player wants, all you need to do is unlock the specific features immediately and pay to buy a season pass.

However, despite its impact on mobile gaming, it is still far from its rivals. It is true that the smartphone market is not as large as the market for PCs, but it is understandable that Garena chose mobile devices as targets for his creations: this arena is not as over-saturated as compatible devices, and It is, therefore, easy to differentiate.

One thing is indisputable: one of the most popular video game studios in Southeast Asia has managed to differentiate from the competition for this game. It only remains to be seen how Garina opposes free fire time.