• Rank ModeNew Rank and RP calculation rework
    “Our goal for the rank mode has always been to give players a fair and competitive environment to display their skills. Right now, the RP calculation system makes it really hard for high-ranked players to climb up the ladder. In this version, we are making the RP losses less punishing for high-ranked players so they can have a smoother path to the top. In addition, we realized that there is actually a noticeable skill gap between players within the Heroic rank itself, so we are adding a Grandmaster tier that only has 300 spots in each region to increase the competitiveness and activeness in higher ranks.”

    Top 300 players in each region will be placed in the “Grandmaster” tier daily.
    Optimized the RP calculation for Diamond rank and above.
    Added animated banners & avatar as Grandmaster’s season reward.
    New items added in the Rank Token Exchange Store.

  • Custom RoomsAdditional configuration settings available
    “We’ve seen influencer and streamers coming up with exciting game-modes with their fans in custom rooms. However, it has always been a hassle to set the room up before everyone can start playing. We are adding more configuration settings for room owners so it will be easier for our players to come up with their own game modes.”

    The following settings will be available:
       - Unlimited Ammo
       - Fall Damage
       - Character Skill
       - Loadout
       - Airdrop
  • New Item - Repair KitAvailable on both maps - Casual Mode.
    “Right now, there are limited options for our players to repair their armor. We are adding the repair kit so players can have a fresh piece of armor after a battle instead of having the need to loot for another one.”

    Use to repair 100 durability on your helmet and vest.

  • New Character - RafaelAvailable in Free Fire Store
    “We understand that some of you guys prefer a skill that gives a temporary buff to gain an edge in a battle instead of a passive ability. After several rounds of development, we are finally ready to release our second character with an active skill.”

    Active skill: gunshots are stealthed on the map for a few seconds; however, gunshots can still be heard.
  • Toxic ZoneOnly in Bermuda - Casual
    “We are adding a twist to the existing red zone. Instead of randomly dealing damage to players, players in the Toxic zone are forced to move away or else they are at risk to lose their armor and HP.”

    Toxic zone may randomly appear instead of the red zone.
    Toxic zone will corrode players’ armor. Players will lose HP when their armor is depleted.
  • Hot ZoneNow available for Purgatory - Casual
    “The Hot Zone was well received by the community because players liked the high tier loot and the high action in the zone. We are now making it available for Purgatory in Casual mode as well!”
  • Auto PickupNow with more options to select which items will be automatically picked
    “Auto pickup is a popular feature amongst many players, but it can be frustrating when it fills up your bag space with items you do not want to use. Now you can tailor your Auto Pickup settings so that it only picks your preferred items.”

  • Free Fire ManualAvailable in the Lobby page
    “We are adding this feature so players can track down their journey in Free Fire. We are now giving out rewards to players when they try out different weapons, interact with new objects, and level up their accounts. Explore the world of Free Fire now for bonus freebies!”