How to get DJ Alok character in free fire

If you have come to this page, then it is obvious that you have come looking for Dj Alok's character. Often people purchase DJ Alok character by paying money, but there is nothing like that you can buy DJ Alok character without money.

Many people must be thinking how this is possible. But believe it is possible and many people have got aloof character in this way.

How to get DJ Alok character in free fire

For this, you have to fill a form in which you have to enter your name and free fire user id.

After that you have to wait for 40 seconds

After that you will open a window in which you only have to share 5 people on WhatsApp.

After this, your request will be fully accepted and you will be given a character of dJ Alok in your account within 03 days.

Good Luck

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