How To Get Permanent Skin for Guns

All of you must know that free fire is not like PUBG. It gives you a different experience, unlike another battle royale. Battle Royale like pubg where you don’t need any gun skin. But in free fire you need to have a gun skin which may contain a double rate of fire, double damage, better range, and good accuracy. In free fire 90% of players use gun skin, so if you are not using gun skin, which means you have less chance to survive especially in rank mode.

But the main thing is how you can get a permanent gun skin in free fire battleground?
Hey, don’t get sad. I have shared a few tips & tricks to get your gun skin permanently.

10 free fire permanent gun skin tips & tricks…

1.  Always open two or more gun crates or boxes at a time. If you open 2 or more gun boxes, your chance will be higher. Do not open a single gun box.

2.    If you spin on weapon royale or open gun boxes use Adam as a character and uncheck all the gun skin which you have equipped before.

3.      Always try to Spin or open gun boxes after 12 p.m ( Raat ki 12 baaje ki baad).

4.     Keep your account clean, that means don’t buy too much top-up in free fire. If you are buying top-up regularly, you are decreasing your chances of getting free gun skin.

5.   First day try to open 2 boxes (per day) after 12 p.m for 5 days, then try to open 10 boxes at a time per day. Don’t start with 10 boxes from the first day.

6.  Best way to get free gun skin is weapon royale. Spin-on weapon royale as much as possible to get few permanent gun skin easily. Within 10 spins you can get minimum 2 gun skins.

7.   If you would like to play with MP40 then stop using that gun for a few days and then spin or open.

8.  Increase your KD rate in free fire which helps you to get free gun skin. Your performance also matters like your total kills, headshots, survival time, global ranking, etc. If you are low on everything you have less chance.

9.  Whenever you are going to open a gun box follow these steps: 1- click on a gun box, 2- click for 30 seconds on a particular gun what you want permanent, 3- then open the box. Same thing you have to do for the weapon royale window.

10. Whenever you get discount try to buy expensive gun crates like Dragon AK, legendary shotgun, legendary M4A1, etc.

Before you use these tips & tricks I want to say that many you tubers bloggers told you about the guaranteed tips & tricks to get permanent gun skin in free fire but that is not true, if it is so then every free fire player from noob to pro have all the gun skin.

I hope these 10 tips & tricks will help you to increase your chances to get permanent gun skin in free fire.

Thank You