Best Guns to Use in Free Fire

Survival shooter games are an exhilarating way to pass your free time without having to spend a lot of money or leave the comfort of your own house. They are a fun and engaging way to release stress over the weekend or at the end of a long day. Free Fire Garena is a great game that allows players to compete against forty-nine other opponents to defeat them and emerge victoriously. The game lasts for ten minutes that give the game an explosive nature and makes it even more engaging.

Free Fire Garena allows users to choose between a wide variety of weapons to suit your gaming style, making it a free-flowing game that lets users adapt to it the way they want. However, out of all the types of guns available to the players, one might be confused as to which guns to pick over the others. Here’s a list of the most preferred guns out of all the overwhelming options available to players.


There are several handguns available to players. You can choose between guns like Desert Eagle, G-18 and USP. the best option out of these guns is the USP which provides a bigger clip size and higher firing rate. This ensures that the player is not caught off guard while reloading and can fire multiple shots within a short time frame that allows a player to tackle multiple opponents at once if need be.

Sub-Machine Guns

MP5 and UMP are both sub-machine guns that are available to players. Both of them have similar characteristics and can be used almost interchangeably. Sub-machine guns overall have very limited use and cause a lower amount of damage than other guns. They are upgraded versions of handguns and have a slow firing rate. With this in mind, it is recommended that you avoid sub-machine guns as long as you can.

Assault rifles

They are suitable for both long and medium range combat and are a great tool to use. You can choose between M14, SCAR, SKS and Groza. They are high damage rifles and are preferred by most players. The best option out of the assault rifles in Free Fire Garena. It provides the best clip size and aim but can only be found in airdrop crates.


Out of all the snipers in the game, VSS is the weakest but the easiest to adjust to. If you are a beginner or new to the world of snipers, this sniper rifle is highly recommended for you. However, in terms of accuracy and damage, an AWM is the perfect choice for players who want to play the game using a sniper.