Free Fire Best Sensitivity ?

Being a good player in Garena Free Fire certainly takes time and a lot of practice. Players spend hours daily just to get better at the game. Although it all depends on the dedication and practicing the right way, there are certain things one can do to improve the overall skill level.

Sensitivity is a very basic part of Free Fire that most of the players ignore. Sensitivity is a feature that allows players to control the weapon movements in the game. Although it affects the gameplay in a big way, most players are unaware that the feature exists.
Using the sensitivity properly can elevate the gameplay and overall success percentage in the game. Here is a short guide on sensitivity and how to use it effectively.

Note: Sensitivity changes might differ with each device.
The sensitivity option can be opened from the settings menu on the home screen. The default sensitivity for the game does suffice with most players but it can definitely be improved.

Players who can control high sensitivity and usually use Drag shoot should take the ‘General’ to 100. However, there is a major drawback to keeping General at 100, as the screen can become uncontrollable at times, especially when there are multiple targets.
Keeping General at very low (5) can be beneficial and help players who are struggling to control recoil in a combat situation.

All the scopes including Red Dot, 2x Scope, 4x Scope, and AWM Scope are situation dependent. A Sniper might find better results with lower sensitivity on AWM Scope and 4x Scope while an Assaulter might get success by tweaking the 2x Scope and Red Dot sensitivity.

It boils down to personal preference and comfort-ability in the end. It's recommended to tweak sensitivity and try in custom servers or normal matches before jumping into the ranked mode. Playing the game with a comfortable sensitivity will definitely give one an advantage over players who are just playing on default.