How to Download Free Fire For Android?

Be the last man

Players who love complete chaos, they love Garena Free Fire. It is an action and shooting game developed by 111dots Studios, where you will be kept alive in a game against other players.

Survival of the Fittest

Your only mission here is simple: kill the others and the last person standing. The game will begin with the jumpers from a plane and landing on a different island where there will be bloodshed. Once a fight begins, each player has to make sure to survive to implement the best strategy they could think of. You can't just aimlessly kill in this game, that's what I did the first time I came around to play it. Ammunition will eventually run out and hand-to-hand combat is not the best way to defeat enemies with weapons. The whole fight will last for 10 minutes and you will have to watch your back the whole time. There are many tasks you can do within that time such as hiding, locating, and searching for weapons inside homes and trucks. There are also first aid kits in the game that you can use to heal any damage received by attacks from others.

Gum E also has safe areas that occasionally pop up anywhere in the island. You will be able to see it on the small map on the corner of your screen. Safe areas are areas where you will not suffer any damage from radiation in the island. Make sure you are inside a safe area at all times, especially when it starts shrinking. Being affected by radiation outside the safe zone has a fatal effect on your life and it will kill you eventually.

Moving Around

Control of the game can be a bit tricky initially and it takes some gameplay to fully master it. Your players can disassociate from just attacking and running. You can also stay low by planting dives on the ground or lying down. They are useful tricks when you do not want to be seen by a nearby enemy. The game requires sharp reflexes and quick thinking, so it makes sense if you would have problems determining your character's moves. This can be quite confusing during your first few visits. You have to learn how to move around the area constantly changing weapons and the attitude of war at the same time. With practice and continuous gaming, you will eventually be comfortable moving around the island. Control will commit to muscle memory and all that is left is to implement the best strategy in trying to avoid death for 10 minutes.

While driving, you will encounter a gas pedal and a brake pedal. The arrow keys will help you decide the direction of your car. You cannot use your weapons when you are inside your vehicle, but you are more free than other players.

The last man standing

Garena Free Fire is a promising game that will keep you on your toes. Players are not obliged to follow other rules except one, which is alive. Also, knowing that your opponents are real-life players like you makes the game even more fun. The gameplay and results are unpredictable.