5 Tips to Win Garena Free Fire Battle and Play like a Pro

Garena Free Fire mobile game is really hard to win and it definitely harder than PUBG Mobile. But most of you don’t know about it. However, this game is totally underestimated in some area over the world. But in Brazil and some other nation, its popular than PUBG or any other mobile game. And due to its popularity, many pro players have got developed their skill in the game to the peak. And they always in the game, streaming on platforms like Twitch, YouTube and making their money. And due to them, winning the Garena Free Fire Battle becomes harder. And so, I have some technique, or you can say tips that work and helps to Win Garena Free Fire Battle.

So, basically, Here I will share my best experience with Garena Free Fire like which weapons are best and how to play in the Game to Win the battle and some more techniques that lead to victory in the game. Let’s get started. But first, let me explain some related stuff to it.

What is Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire is a similar kind of PUBG mobile game. And the only difference between them is some looks and graphics. And overall all the objectives and mission in both games is exactly the same. In the Free Fire game, you can play Solo, Duo, and Squad. And in all the modes, you will get dropped with 52 players in a map by plain. You can mark any place you want to jump in the map.

Moreover, you can talk to your teammates with a voice to plan the next move, for help when you knock down or when surrounded by too many opponents. Vehicles in the game is a quick and easy transport medium, even you can kill opponents with the vehicle without decreasing your health too much. You can attack the squad team with Monster vehicle and crush them easily.
In the default map, Bermuda, there are tons of place on the map you can visit. Plain flies over the map and when you reach near the marked location, you need to press the jump button to get out of the plain and fly on the air and land on the ground using a parachute. So, that’s how you will get started in the game.
I have played it for over 40 hours and have got some best experience and tips which I will share in this article. And trust me or not, If you follow my tips, then you can win Garena Free Fire Battle easily. The tips I will share will definitely work but only when you play with the team squad.

5 Advice to Win Garena Free Fire Battle Easily

So, whatever I’m going to share here is 100% based on my experience, and it will definitely work for you in the Garena Free Fire game. And it will work much better if you play the game in the squad. Here are 5 Working advice to win Garena Free Fire Battle:

1. Drop in the same place in the map with Team

It’s very important to have good loot and be protected at first land. And you can simply accomplish it by landing to a place with a team. And there are a couple of things you need to remember and strictly follow because sometimes we lose controls when we see too many enemies landing at the same place you are landing. At this moment, you need to take control and safely get inside the rooms and house to get the guns and other loot. So, you can attack quickly on the enemy that just landed with you before they try to kill you.
But make sure one thing, before you go to attack mode, just pass the voice that you are going to attack so, your team will be alert to help you if you got injured or knocked down.

2. Never Land on Rush Place

Don’t be super excited and land on a Rush place because if you want Chicken dinner and win the Garena Free Fire battle, you need to have patience and try to survive long. And the best way you can survive long is through landing on less loot area. This game has a saying, “area with a good loot attracts players.” So, don’t try to land in places like Peak, Clock Tower because these places have more loot than others and will definitely attract players. Land on places like Factory, Mars Electric, etc. These places have not well loot but with rare rush and less chance of getting killed.
And don’t neglect the first tip that “Land together.” If you are landing on a rare rush area in the map, it doesn’t mean there’s no risk. Maybe some other players know that landing there will be good and they may shoot before you pick any gun. So, its always better to land in less Rush place with the team together.

3. Use Spas 12 and Rapid Fire Gun

Having this combination will help you to Win Garena Free Fire battle. However, the combination of Spas 12 and Rapid fire gun like P90 can help you to survive in any condition or in any place. Especially, Spas 12 is kind of shotgun and with one fire you can knock down an enemy and it really works great when enemies are just near you. Like in houses, in vehicles. I remember when I killed the whole squad with Spas 12 in Peak.
P90 is the second choice that I prefer the most to my team to use. It can fire 50 bullets at one load and it also gets quick reloaded. So, use Spas 12 when enemies are near you and Use P90 with scope to kill enemies that are in far.

4. Never Go and Loot Drop Alone

Again, stay with the team and don’t just become excited to loot the drop alone. It can be very dangerous and you may get killed. However, most of the time opponent just wait for players to come and loot the drop to kill. And you definitely not want to happen this type of trap. So, to prevent this, you can send a voice to your team like let’s loot the drop near this. And move towards the drop together. Doing that, you and your team will easily break the trap if there present and get the loot. You can also use a vehicle with the team together to reach the Drop fast and make it a cover if the firing happens.
I almost use this strategy and come out of this type of trap easily. Staying with the team can provide you with support when needs and this is the single strategy that will help you to survive long and to the end.

5. Use Car when Circle has become small

The car is the fastest vehicle in the Garena Free Fire game and the advantages of using Car when the circle is small is just extreme. However, with a fast and lite car, you can kill enemies instantly, you can hit to the enemies fast before they find cover, you can escape fast when an enemy or whole squad attack on you. Even, I find the Car is the best vehicle in the Garena Free Fire game because it has a lot of advantages and the most one is its fastness.
With the car, you can take a round of circle fast and find the enemy to kill instantly. Due to its fast quality, you can hit the enemy before the enemy takes a gun on hand and shoot on you. And that’s how you can win the final Garena Free Fire battle.


Winning Garena Free Fire final battle requires you to follow some strategies which I explained above. The chances of winning in the battle will probably increase if you follow my experience based tips. I almost win every time when I strictly have followed the tips I explained above. Staying with the team is also very important and its the foundation of Winning the Garena Free Fire battle. Because staying together can provide you with many important things like fire support, help when you knock down, beat opponent squad, to rush and loot the drop, etc.
If you really need a piece of great advice to win every battle you play in Garena Free fire then it’s staying with the team till last. That’s it. There is no special tactic or hack to grab the tasty Chicken dinner. But along with this, you can use my tips as a piece of extra advice to Win Garena Free Fire battle.
The guns I suggested are the best combination, yes you can change the P90 when you get any Sniper Gun like Kar98K, AWM. But never exchange with Spas 12, its the only weapon that can kill every in one shoot.
Hopefully, you liked this article? If so, let your Garena Free Fire team know about the tips I shared in this article. And make great victories every time you play. I’ll see you in the next one.