By the end of last year, we had given you an update on how we are doing some aspects of our development. We also talked about our character system and some of the adjustments that were being made for it. If you are paying full attention to this, then last week, we work in depth on how we approach our weapon and pet system. Given how important our varna system is, we cannot leave it. This time around, we'll talk more about what we believe the characterization does in Free Fire, and having unique characters is something important in Free Fire. Come on!

Image Credit - Garena

Creation of varna system

Through the development of Free Fire, we established ourselves to create a unique experience within the Battle Royal style. To this day, we are maintaining it. We believe that the character system is one of the things that really makes Free Fire unique. Through our characters, we are giving free fire lore and a glimpse into the background. We are providing players a real opportunity to identify and connect with the people who are part of the Free Fire Challenge. As our efforts to tell the story of Free Fire continue, we believe the character system will be an important part for players to learn about what is happening.

Apart from the varying importance of the character arrangement, we also believe that when you go off the plane, it is an integral part in making Free Fire a fun game to play. Character skills are important to diversify your game-play and create your own, unique, game-style. The more you develop your characters, the more you can explore their individual skills, and create combinations that you like to play. When playing with a team, synchronizing skills and abilities can lead to keeping the upper hand on difficult situations and combat. Finally, some characters are also undergoing an awakening process, which allows them to diversify their skills more.

Overall, we are quite pleased with how the character's arrangement has improved. Still, we would like to hear it from you, so let us know what you think via comments on social media!

Make different for each person

Character specificity is super essential when deciding on character formation. We want to make sure that the experience of choosing your favorite character is consistent and satisfying. This means that both characters inspired by real life and created by us must feel that they are part of the Free Fire universe. Of course, not every character is going to be a cup of tea for everyone, but no matter what, the character should feel whole and unique.

First, it involves creating a compelling character backdrop, which has a connection to the world we know and love and at the same time connects with its player's life on some level. Secondly, it also involves making a good-looking model that reflects character traits and personality in their background. Last but not least, character skills. As we mentioned, skill makes Free Fire very unique. Character skills not only give a unique aspect to the character, but also make sense of their occupation, personality or abilities by playing them in-game. Whenever we are building a character, we cannot choose any skill that seems terrible in our initial discussions. We also need to make sure that it is not more or less, and will be a really viable and useful in-game, while also reflecting the character personality. As the game has evolved, we have also developed our character skills system to help create characters with other game systems, customization and additions. Unlock slots to equip other proprietary character skills to help create a more customized character and personal experience. We have also introduced proactive skills to give more control to our ability to survive difficult situations in the game. These are ultimately designed to give you, as a player, more options to help you and tailor your characters to your personal play-style.

We have more exciting ideas for future character skill development, stay tuned to find out what they are! Oh, one more thing: Free Fire will soon include a new responder. Kapila will be ready to go down in this upcoming patch, don't forget to tell us what you think about her!