Free Fire: How to get Falcon pet in Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royal games on the mobile platform. Various unique features of the game keep players busy, pets being one of them. Falcon Pets have now become an essential aspect of the game. They follow the players on the map.

Pets bring a new feeling to the game for some players, as they have different abilities that help players in the game. These abilities provide players with many advantages in combat. So far, there are ten pets that players can obtain in the game. Every pet has its own set of skins.

How to get Falcon and its Hellfire skin in free fire
The latest pet introduced in the game is Falcon. The arrival of the new event beach party gives players a chance to get Falcon and his Hellfire skin. Players can claim Falcon by entering Free Fire on 14 June. To get the skin, players must play a game with their friends.

Players facing error claiming Falcon
Unfortunately, some players are experiencing errors and are unable to get Falcon and his skin. A message pops up stating that the event is open only to specific devices.

It now appears that the event is device-specific. There is still more clarity on this. We'll find out if the issue is with the game's server or if the incident is device-specific.

The players are hoping that they will get more clarity on the issue and Garena will resolve it quickly. Falcon is the first flying pet in the game, and players cannot wait to claim it. However, he needs to wait for Garena to resolve the issue.