How to survive in free fire with undetectable life?

Garena Free Fire is a popular Battle Royal game for iOS and Android. It is similar to games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile, and has managed to create a niche of its own. Garena Free Fire currently has over 500 million downloads on Android alone. Today we will list some tips and tricks that you can apply to win the match with a huge lead.

Sneak attack

Sometimes you have to be timid in your attacks. For example, if you hear when entering a house, there may be a squad camp inside. Just press the Meditak button and start walking quietly in the house. If a crew is inside, you'll be able to surprise them before you shoot them. If you believe in your skills, then aim or flee before you are ready.

Enemies carrying guns? Bend

Shotguns are extremely difficult to handle and control. However, if a player learns the art, they can easily hit one-shot without aiming for the head. But Free Fire allows users to crouch while shooting with a shotgun. This will make the enemy miss a shot, even if you are in their range. After which they will start reloading, just take your shot again and bring them down.

Standing still will kill you

It is one of the most important rules of all first-person shooter (FPS) games. Do not stand still, not even in gunfire. You move quickly. Of all the players I got, most of them were showing minimal movement, if any. So, it was easy for me to take them down while they had a very hard time taking shots.

When you are being run in a zig-zag pattern, put some jumps in there for fun. And if you can't run and shoot at the same time, don't worry. Keep focused on the movement and look for the point when the other person exits the clip. Then take your shot.

Reviving a teammate? Heal yourself too

One thing I really like about Free Fire is that it gives you multitask. It lets you save a teammate and your own life at the same time. This is the only game in the Battle Royal genre that I've seen that you can heal your partner and yourself together with a med-kit.

Vehicles are your best friends

Got a vehicle early in the game? Taking it is the best option you have to survive. Keep in mind, the vehicle should be fully covered, not the bike, as other players can easily hit the target when you are later. Take the vehicle and start walking inside the safe area and outside the shrinking area. If you spot an enemy, you can just drive a car over them. Or your teammates can shoot them.