What are the other modes in free fire besides Classic and ranked modes?

The Gameplay in Garena Free Fire does not stand out from any other title in the Battle Royal genre. A few dozen players are dropped on a huge map, and their goal is to obtain equipment and survive for as long as possible. Despite the fact that the game has various game modes available - they only introduce cosmetic changes to the gameplay without applying any significant modifications. In this chapter you will get a detailed description of all the game modes available in Garena Free Fire.

  • Classic mode
  • Ranked game
  • Rush time
  • custom game
  • Solo, Duo and Squad

Classic Mode 

The first of the game modes described in our guide is Classic Mode, which is chosen by default when the game starts. In this mode, a total of 50 players compete against each other on one of two maps, Purgatory or Bermuda, which you can choose on your own. It is the most classic (as its name suggests) gameplay mode, without the need for unlock or additional rules - the winner is the last man.

Ranked Game

Rank Game Mode allows you to score points and rank among the best players in the table.

The rank game Gameplay is not so different from the classic mode. There are still 50 players fighting on the map (one of the two on the map), but this time the map is chosen at random, you cannot select individually. The biggest difference is the ranking system itself - players earn ranking points for participation in matches, which allows them to advance to subsequent groups, such as bronze, silver, or gold. Higher rank, higher challenge can be found as there will be more experienced players fighting.

There are two other important things about the ranked game mode. First, matches played in this mode reward you with a 20% bonus on cash earned and experience points. Secondly, this mode is only available by default when the character has advanced to 10 levels of experience. This can only be level 5, if you connect your account to many social networking sites such as VK.com or Facebook.

Rush Time

Rush Hour is a genre for fans of fast-paced gameplay. The action takes place in a very small area, where only 20 players will fight each other. The rules of this mode are largely in classic mode, but due to limited space available, matches are usually very short.

Note - Matches played in this mode are available only once a week, every Monday.

Custom Game

In addition to the standard Gameplay mode, the game also allows you to host your own servers via custom tabs. The modes available here are no different from the three described above. However, keep in mind that they do not allow you to earn ranking points in terms of ranking points.

Solo, Due and Squad Mode

In the top right corner of the screen you will find a button to change modes between Solo, Duo and Squad.

In addition to the standard gameplay mode (described in the previous paragraph), the game allows you to customize whether the player wants to play solo (solo), together with another player (duo) or team (squad). The general rules of the game do not change - the goal is still the same (except that a team or one of its members must survive to win), and the number of players remains the same. The most important difference relates to death - in Solo mode the player exits the game after losing, while in Duo and Squad mode he first knocks on the ground and can be picked up by allies or killed by the enemy.