What is the name of mythpat in free fire? Know More about Mythpat.

Mithilesh Patankar, known online as Mythpet, is an Indian Minecraft and GTA YouTuber who posts comedy gaming videos on YouTube. Mythpat not Playing Free Fire. because he is playing PUBG and GTA 5. and He dont want to play Free fire.

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Mythpet started her YouTube career by posting educational cameo videos featuring PUBG and GTA 5. He played GTA 5 with modifications [mods]. He heard people on PUBG playing comical sounds similar to the famous stars of India. Later, he posted tips and tricks on the superhit game Granny, such as "How to Escape at 3 AM" etc. can be found on a video channel called "Mythpet Channel Trailer", although this is not the actual channel trailer. The next thing on his channel was PUBG challenges, such as "0% sensitivity challenge" and other challenges. In the first April of 2019, he posted a video titled "I am Hindustan Gamer" stating that he is

Hindustan Gamer, the owner of the channel. But later, it became an April Fools joke.
After that, he started with Minecraft. He tried out special tricks and used mods to make his gameplay more interesting. They began building secret residences and posting them on YouTube, while some of them were also at the request of subscribers. As his audience grew, he demanded to see her face, as he had not yet revealed his face. In his first QNA, he was so close to revealing his face when an opposing comment stopped him.

He used a horse mask to defer his idea of ​​facial disclosure until November 16, 2016. He collaborated with Simon Sess to make the video entertaining. He eventually revealed his face, and the video was his second QNA. Subsequently, finally, on March 1, 2020, they hit one million subscribers and delivered a special giveaway at a million subscriber-milestone. Myths are sometimes fantastically jealous of Hindustan Gamer and Beastboysh, as they are getting a lot of views on their Granny videos. To get the idea, she called her grandmother and played the role of grandmother with her. His grandmother can be seen playing Nani: Chapter 2 in this video.

On April Fool of 2020, Mythpat uploaded a joke video in which he is shown playing the team deathmatch in PUBG with CarryMinati. However, it is later revealed that the other player dressed like Carrie and that Mythpat had to train the player to speak in Carrie's voice.


The myth is also a reactor; He makes reaction videos about other skits on TikTok, along with other YouTubers and videos. During the start of a reaction video, Mythpat dressed as a funny-looking girl with a powder-white face and red lipstick. The memes immediately went viral and YouTubers like Simon Cess and Chapati Hindustani Gamer started reacting to the memes. A full discussion was made about the meme on their Discord server, and the girl was given the fictional name Mithila's Mithilesh.