How To Get Free Hayato Character

Exactly on March 201th, 2019, Free Fire gets its new character with a soul of a samurai named Hayato after they previously present Moco the hacker that can mark the enemy when then get attacked.

The handsome Hayato is not fighting using his handsome face, but he has a unique skill. Check the article below!

How To Get Free Hayato Character

Hayato, Sacrifice His Blood for Power

Hayato is a 20 years old man for a legendary samurai family. As the only son, Hayato carries the tradition that’s held by the samurai family, becoming the head of the family and make his life caged.

 the other side, he has to hone his skill to do his obligation makes Hayato become a strong samurai that willingly sacrifice his life to win. 

His skill is related to that backstory. Having low health usually meant trouble because the character is easier to kill, but it’s a different case for Hayato because it makes him stronger!

With this skill, do you dare challenge Hayato to a one on one duel?

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Barbaric for Booyah!

As explained above, Hayato’s passive skill Bushido makes him increase his damage as health gets lower. With his ability, anyone that loves to play barbaric will love him.

But you need to know that his ability is a double-edged sword. Don’t get too comfortable taking too much damages to activate his passive skill only to lose your life!

The passive skill Bushido will activate when you lost 10% of your health. For the first level, your damage will be increased to 7,5% and will reach 10% at max.

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How to Get Hayato

Hayato is available on Free Fire Store. You can buy his bundle for 1.999 diamond. But sadly Hayato is not available unless you buy him from the bundle. It might be possible that Hayato will be sold for 499 diamond with other new characters. 

Tips On Using Hayato

With his imba passive skill Hayato is good for both Solo and Squad. Just like his true self that makes a sacrifice for others, Hayato will do well if he is placed on the frontline. His passive skill makes him a savage as he receives damage

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To play Solo, you can force your opponent to duel Hayato. By dueling your damage will increase as your health decreases. Your opponent will have a hard time and you can kill them easily. 

One thing you need to pay attention to is to not go over the limit when playing Hayato. Make sure to watch your health, don’t die because you depend on his passive skill.

THat’s the explanation about Free Fire’s new character Hayato. What do you think, are you ready to play in the front line? Follow Dunia Games on Social Media for more news.