9 REDEEM CODE Free Fire How to Free Fire Redeem Code from Garena

POS-KUPANG.COM - Again, we will update the information regarding the latest Free Fire redeem code on Oct, 2020 for all of you.

9 REDEEM CODE Free Fire How to Free Fire Redeem Code from Garena

The redeem code is a code that can be exchanged for various prizes that are most sought after by Free Fire players.

This time Mimin reminds all of you again, to log in to FF every day to get a permanent Money Heist style Heist Board for free.

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You will get the prize if you log into the game 5 days in a row.

Following are the daily prizes that you will get if you log in every day.

Login for 1 day will get a Bound Token Card (1 day)

Login for 3 days will get an In-Game Bonus

Login for 4 days will get the Revolt Loot Crate Vandal

Login for 5 days will get a Heist Board.

The event took place from 14-22 September 2020.

Not only that, we also remind all of you not to forget to log in on 19 September 2020 to play in Money Heist mode and get Plan Bermuda backpack for free because this special Money Heist item is only available for one day.

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For today's redeem code information , please read on this article until the end.

Now, as usual, before we share the FF redeem code today, it's good to first understand the provisions of the following Freefire redeem code .

Free Fire Redeem Code Provisions

  1. The Redeem Free fire code consists of 12 digit letters and numbers.
  2. Every Redeem Code has an expiration date. This means that for 1 ff redeem code, of course there is an exchange limit.
  3. Redeem code for each country server is different.
  4. The ff Redeem code is released with an uncertain period of time.
  5. The redeem code that cannot be used is usually expired.

How to Free fire Redeem Code

  1. Open the Garena Free Fire Reward website at https://reward.ff.garena.com/
  2. Login with your FB account,
  3. Input the Free Fire Reward Code, then click Confirm,
  4. The prize will automatically enter your Free Fire game inbox.

Free Fire Redeem Code 18 September 2020

We don't know for sure whether the following code will be successfully exchanged or not, but to be sure, you can try it on your respective accounts.

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The following is the free fire redeem code which we will share.










Here's another free fire Redeem Code that you can still redeem.

FFML-D8ir-7yb8 (1x Gold Royale Voucher)

FFML-D48o-621c (1X Gold Royale Voucher)

FFML-D3mv-d5ng (1X Gold Royale Voucher & 1X Urban Rager Weapon)

FFML-D2ph-19ua (Urban Weapon Ranger)

FFML- D12G-QLAY (1X Gold Royale Voucher)

FF3M-D4GW-9RGR (1X Hayato Bobble Head)

UEHM-P9L2-2B3J (2X Famas Vampire Weapon Lote Create)

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For you to understand that the code above is only for information and does not guarantee whether the code can be used because the Free Fire redeem code has provisions in accordance with what we previously explained.