Black Queen Army's Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio and more

Black Queen Army's Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio and more
  • Black Queen Army is a renowned Free Fire content creator.
  • In the ongoing ranked seas

    on, she has played 230 matches and won 33 of them.

Content creation and streaming have become viable career options for many players today. The widespread popularity of Free Fire on mobile platforms has led to content creation as a full-time creation for exemplary players. The sport has seen an increase in the participation of people from all walks of life.

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The Black Queen Army, aka Aawari007, is a popular free fire content manufacturer.

In this article, we discuss her free Fire ID, stats, K / D ratio, and more.

Black Queen Army's Free Fire ID

The Black Queen Army's Free Fire ID is 1463258438, and its in-game name is AAWARI007. She is also the leader of the BFA GIRLS Guild.

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Black queen army statslife time stats

Lifetime stats

The Black Queen Army has played 6809 games in squad mode. She has got better than her enemies on 1036 occasions, which translates to a win rate of 15.21%. She has recorded 7166 kills at a decent K / D ratio of 1.24.

When it comes to doubles mode, YouTuber played 2091 games and recorded 197 wins, killing 2180 enemies at a reasonable K / D ratio of 1.15 in the process.

She is also 17 boahs in 870 singles games. In Aawari007 this mode kills 1040 with a K / D ratio of 1.22.

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Ranked Data

In the ongoing rank season, there are 230 squad matches named after Aawari007. She committed 309 murders at a reasonable K / D ratio of 1.57.

Aawari007 played 241 doubles matches and won 28. She kills 327 in mode at a K / D ratio of 1.54.

She has also played 47 singles games, but one match remains to be won.

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Her youtube channel

Her YouTube channel - 'Black Queen Army' was previously operated by Aawara007, aka Black Flag Army. She started uploading content and streaming about 2-3 months ago. Currently, it has over 182 thousand customers and a combined 6 million.

You can click here to go to her YouTube channel.

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Her has a social media account

She is active on Instagram. Click here to go to her profile.