Free Fire Redeem Code

The Free Fire India Championship 2020 (FFIC) concluded yesterday, which saw Total Gaming Esports emerge as the winner. The incident saw the developers set three viewership milestones for the finale.

Free Fire Redeem Code

All of these were surpassed, and as promised, redeem codes for Mechanical Wings, Wiggle Walk Emote and Robo Pet were released at the end of the live stream.

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But players faced a 'prohibited error' when trying to log onto the redemption center of Gerna Free Fire. In this article, we discuss what this prohibited error is.

Prohibited error while freeing Robo Pet in Free Fire

Most players who were trying to use redeem codes were experiencing this error. This was likely due to server overload, as thousands of players tried to cash in on these rewards simultaneously. This caused widespread outrage in the community, as none of them could purchase the prizes from the promised audience.

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Free Fire Esports India, as a compromise, then extended the expiration time for this code and posted the following message on its social media:

"Dear Survivors! You will now be able to redeem the FFIC-33NT-EUKA code. The revised expiry has been extended until 6 pm IST, October 19. Thank you!"

Therefore, players were able to redeem the code until 6 am today. But now that the code has expired, gamers cannot use the rewards mentioned above.

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Free Fire India Championship recap

FFIC was a resounding success, and as previously mentioned, Total Gaming came out on top with 173 total points. Team CRX Elite finished second with 149 points, while Stalwart Esports finished third in the tournament as it finished with 122 points.