Garena Free Fire: Win 100 Free Diamonds With The Season 29 Elite Pass

The Season 29 Elite Pass of Garena Free Fire: Anubis Legend II has been introduced since October 1st. Don't miss your chance to win 100 free Diamonds as well as other valuable items. 

Garena Free Fire: Win 100 Free Diamonds With The Season 29 Elite Pass

Garena Free Fire has released the Season 29 Elite Pass "Anubis Legend II" on October 1st. This is the direct subsequence to a previous pass that takes the Egyptian mythology theme. But, players should be happy to know the game publisher Garena is giving away 100 free Diamonds with the new pass. Yet there's a catch: you must own three recent Elite Passes, including the 29th one.

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If you purchased the Season 27 Elite Pass "Sushi Menace", Season 28 "Celestial Creed", and "Anubis Legend II", you will get 100 Diamonds in return. That's all the condition players need to collect 100 units of the game's most precious currency.

How to Collect Free Fire 100 Diamonds after Buying Season 29 Elite Pass

If you have already bought three above mentioned Elite Passes, just visit the Pass Section in the game, then hit the browser icon. From there, just swipe right until you reach the "I've purchased" screen. Here you will find the option to claim the free Diamonds. You will see three chances to claim rewards from the investment you made. Even when players only bought two of the passes, there will also be some Diamonds to get.

Buy the Season 29 Elite Pass to claim 25 Diamonds back immediately. If you also bought the Season 28 Pass, there's a Diamond Royale Voucher for you. Another 75 Diamonds are up for grasp when you have acquired all of the three Elite Passes.

So, in total, you will get 100 Diamonds, plus 1 Diamond Royale Voucher for the investment. And don't forget about the items you can grind from the pass itself!