Free Fire which country app

Free Fire which country app

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games in India. It was one of the most downloaded mobile games in 2019 and also received the 'Best Popular Vote Game' award by the Google Play Store. Free Fire currently has 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

After the Indian government slapped a ban on 59 Chinese apps, there are speculations about whether other apps will be banned due to privacy and security concerns of other apps, due to rising tensions between countries. The Ministry of Home Affairs has recently banned 47 more Chinese apps in the country as they were reportedly cloned for the previously banned 59 apps. PUBG Mobile, along with 274 other Chinese apps, is currently in scope due to alleged violations of the government's national security and user privacy.

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Which country did free fire?

The Battle Royale genre has picked up steam over the years, firstly after the PC version of PUBG became popular, many developers have tried to make the next big thing in the Battle Royals. Vietnamese game developer 111dots Studio was a dev who decided to create Free Fire Battle Royal. In September 2017, developers began testing the game, with a beta version coming out in November 2018. The game was officially released on 4 December 2018. The game became quite popular and well received, especially in Brazil and Thailand.

The game is published globally by 111dots Studios and by Omens Studios in the Netherlands. In India, Brazil, Mexico and the rest of Southeast Asia, the game is published by Gerana. Garena is a Singapore-based digital services company that has partnered with Riot Games to run the League of Legends server. Garena's parent company is C Ltd, headquartered in Singapore.

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Will free fire be banned in India?

So far, India has banned a total of 106 Chinese apps. These restricted apps have allegedly compromised the safety and security of user data and privacy. However, it is important to note that these apps are of Chinese origin, so it is very unlikely that Free Fire will be banned in India. The survival game does not have its roots in China and the government is currently focusing on banning only Chinese apps.

If PUBG Mobile is banned in the coming months, Garena Free Fire could become the next source for Indian gamers' battle royal fix. The game is a twist on previous iterations of BR games with some distinctive features.

The game has unique character abilities and pets that accompany players through the game. When you land on the island, compared to 99 of PUBG MOBILE, 49 are against other players. This makes for shorter matches (about 10 minutes in length) than their counterparts. However, PUBG MOBILE has started taking notes and introduced more close-quarters maps such as the new map Livik, which is currently in beta.