How To Get DJ Alok Character For Free In Garena Free Fire 2021

DJ Alok is a beloved character in Free Fire, but he is quite expensive at a price of 599 diamonds. However, there are some ways by which players can get the character for free. Players can install the Google Opinion Rewards app and win Google Play credits which they can use to buy diamonds and eventually DJ Alok on Fire Free. Likewise, they can use the Amazon gift card or GPT app and sites or money-paying Android apps or online tournaments to purchase DJ Alok.

How To Get DJ Alok Character For Free In Garena Free Fire 2021

In the mobile gaming world, one of the most popular war royal games right now in India after the PUBG mobile ban is Gerna Free Fire. There are lots of unique characters and pets that make fans love the game so much.

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A total of 34 characters are introduced in Garna Free Fire and all of them have the unique ability to use on the battlefield except Adam and Eve. One of these characters is DJ Alok, who is quite popular among the mobile gaming community due to his cool ability, Drop the Beat. They can be purchased by players for 599 diamonds which is a very high price for a character in the game.

This is why gamers are constantly trying to get this demanding character for free. If you are one of such gamers, then you have come to the right place. Here are some ways you can get DJ Alok in Gerna Free Fire:

Google opinion rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the most popular ways to earn diamonds to use on Garena Free Fire. Install the Google Opinion Rewards application from the Google Play Store, and on the app, you can complete short and simple surveys. Upon completing these surveys, you will receive Google Play credit, varies from paid survey to survey.

After getting enough Google Play credits, you can use them to buy diamonds in Gerna Free Fire and DJ Alok's character. There are other available functions on the app, as well as downloading some apps or reviewing some of your recent malls or restaurants. With this you will get around Rs. 20–200 per survey.

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Free Diamond Airdrops

Sometimes at special events, Free Fire offers a bunch of diamonds for free, either by completing a few challenges or by sharing some content on their social media profiles. You can collect this airdrop and then buy DJ Alok Skin for free.

You may also sometimes be asked to buy diamonds for a huge discount of 90% and you can get 500 diamonds on certain special occasions by purchasing diamonds under 10 rupees. While it's not completely free, if you're really desperate you can spend a bit to get DJ Alok, it's worth it.

GPT - Swagbucks and Poll Pay

GPT sites are paid for sites and are a great alternative to Google Opinion Rewards. Users are allowed to take surveys, pay for advertisements, and do other simple tasks to earn some money. There are many GPT sites out there, but the most trusted are Swagbucks, Ysense, Poll Pay, and Funduretiooper.

At Swagbucks, players like you can complete certain tasks like surveys, quizzes, daily searches, etc., and you will be rewarded with Swagbucks. You can buy diamonds on Fire Free games and DJ Alok without spending any real money. However, the payment of works on this website depends on your geographical location, which means that it varies from country to country.

Pol Pay is another such GPT app that you can install on your smartphone from the Google Play Store. In this app, like other GPT sites and applications, users have to participate in surveys, quizzes and other tasks to be rewarded with marks. Players can only withdraw their earnings in the form of PayPal money which they can later use to buy diamonds in Fire Free and then get DJ Alok.

Money paying android app

There are many apps on the Google Play Store that Android users can download through which they can earn. Apps like Snack Video and Spark pay their users money to use their app. Through apps such as these, users can earn credit points by playing games on them or participating in events and functions.

There are also ways to make money on some Android apps by referring those apps to your friends. When your friend installs the app by following your referral link, you can earn both points. So, you can use the money and points earned to buy DJ Alok for free in Garna Free Fire.

Online tournament

Gamers often participate in online tournaments which can be a great way to earn some money. There are various online gaming tournaments on the internet, or you can also join free fire tournaments. If you win any online tournament, you can win great prizes. These rewards will be directed to your bank account or PayPal.

You can find online gaming tournaments on websites such as GamingMonk, GameTV, On these websites, you can find tournaments that you can enter for free. Therefore, you need to enter one of these tournaments and win prizes through them to get DJ Alok and other items on Free Fire for free.

Additional tip: For Get DJ Alok

All of the above methods are completely legal, but players are not recommended to use illegal means such as Free Fire Diamond Generators or websites that provide random codes to earn diamonds for free. We have personally tried all these methods and non of these works. In addition, if players are convicted of using such devices, they may be permanently banned from playing Garena Free Fire.