How to login by Guest, Facebook, Google, and VK in Free Fire

Free Fire offers to the players four login options: Guest, Facebook, Google, and VK. Using any of the methods, you can log into the game and start playing. The gameplay of Free Fie consists of many features and items, some of you might have bought by real money or some because of your luck. No players want to lose all of his items because of no reason.

If you have a Free Fire account connected with Facebook, VK, or Google Account, then your data get saved on the servers of Free Fire. But if you are playing Free Fire using the Guest Account, then your data gets saved in your phone’s internal storage. It means, if you have your data saved, you have all the items in your account, if you lost it, you lost it.

The loss of data can be because of any reason, the phone lost, phone reset, phone damage, etc. To keep your data and items safe, you should bind your Free fire Account with Facebook, Google, or VK (as per your choice). So today, we are going to share with you, How To Transfer Free Fire Guest Account Data to Facebook, VK, or Google Account.

Here Is How To Bind Free Fire Guest Account With Google, VK, or Facebook Account:

Open Free Fire Application

Go To Settings

The Settings button is available in the lobby on top right corner of your screen.

Make Sure To Be In Basic Tab

In settings there are various tabs available such as Basic, Sensitivity, Controls, Sound etc. You have to go in the Basic Tab.

Scroll Down Till Account Settings

Scroll down till last in the Basic Tab for all the Account related settings.

Choose Your Preferred Option (FB, Google, VK)

You get to see, ‘Bind FB’, ‘Bind VK’, and ‘Bind Google’ options in the Account settings. Choose the Account to which you want to bind your Free Fire Guest Account.

Fill required Details and Submit

After selecting the option, it asks you to provide ‘username’ and ‘password’ to login and attach your respective account. Fill the required details and submit.

After following the steps mentioned above, you have successfully bound your Free Fire Guest Account to your preferred option. Now all the data related to your Free fire Account has been shifted to Free Fire servers, and there is no need to worry about data loss.