Understanding Raistar Free Fire – Who is Raistar, ID, UID

Raistar is a well-known Indian player who streams the Battle Royale game Free Fire. His streaming career began in 2017, and he has since accumulated more than 3.74 million subscribers to his Youtube channel. He has uploaded 312 videos to his YouTube channel, which has helped him gain popularity. However, fans are even more curious about his identity as his details aren't available online. Aside from that, players also want to know their monthly income.

Understanding Raistar Free Fire – Who is Raistar, ID, UID

The Rise of Raistar

With time, the fame of Raistar keeps growing. People start following him in hopes of getting an interview with him. Many believe that the identity of Raistar is Rai Star, the actual name of a 23-year-old police officer in Karnataka.Recently, one of his fans questioned him aboutit, which was one of the most viewed questions ever on Reddit.

What happened? The guy who asked the question in a Reddit post in which he went on to describe the story is here named Adam. The Redditor pointed out that it would be a complete crime if someone impersonated Rai Star just for making a living. Rai Star was quite busy, and the fan mentioned that the game maker is doing so because of a job that he may have landed shortly.

Who is Raistar?

His real name is Ammar Ahmed. He has played video games for the past 11 years and started streaming for just a month in 2018. The 25-year-old from Kishangarh, Rajasthan, started playing as an AD player in the multiplayer first-person shooter game Battlefield. He later came across the Free Fire game, the most popular game in India.

As soon as he heard about the game, he decided to try it out and soon became addicted. After two months of playing the game, he started to earn a lot of money by playing game. So basically, his name is Rai Star, but he still uses Ammar Ahmed for his videos because he likes to hide his identity. When asked about the actual ID, Rai replied with this cryptic reply, "I don't want my real ID.

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How to become a popular gamer?

Due to the many channels, people get to know about how to become a popular gamer. There are several tips, tricks, and reviews that are shared with the viewers. To gain more subscribers and followers, they need to create a detailed guide. Every post that the user is seen doing must be in the link section of the video. Once they are added to the link section, the new viewers will note it and start watching the channel and following it.

The best time to publish a video At times, the best time to post a video is after 3 PM. This is also known as the peak hours in the Youtube world. After 3 PM, the majority of the people from the country would be at their workplace and might not be able to get to a particular video.

Monthly Income Of Raistar Free Fire

A post by Ihechir (@carwash_deux) on Feb 20th, 2018, reads that Raistar earned ₹ 7 lakh in January and ₹ 60 lakh in October. It was also revealed in the post that the gamer received some money from other sources such as campaigns and sponsors.

He also confessed in one of his videos that he purchased a car in October last year. The car was bought by him using his savings. His "Broadcasting Partner," ID, UID One of the gamer fans came up with the big question – who is the person behind the screen. The user @lydonify asked – "Who is your broadcasting partner and ID on the Raistar Free Fire Youtube channel?


In today's world, only a few channels manage to gain such colossal viewership and get followers, likes, and shares for their content. This makes us wonder about the kind of competition Raistar faces with all these channels, and it's charging his viewers. The most exciting aspect of this discovery isthe fact that no one can understand who is Raistar.

We have seen numerous gamers such as DrLupo and Jacksepticeye rise to fame by playing games such as PUBG and Fortnite, respectively.But the fact is that none of the videos they upload contain their real name and phone number. If you have ever questioned about the magicJack and DrLupo, who dominate the YouTube gaming world, then you are in the best place.