List Of Best Free Fire Servers

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular games across the world. To play this game enthusiastically game lovers are willing to add some additional features so that they can get extra weapons, guns and diamonds. Most players easily get the skins and diamonds but still a few exist who are unable to get such diamonds and skins.

List Of Best Free Fire Servers

Today we will give you an overview about some of the listed Free Fire Servers to purchase diamonds.

Free Fire is one of the most popular games across the globe. This game has its own server country code. Every country has a different language that is why Free Fire is distributed in various servers according to the country's language.

Free Fire and other advanced games are totally run on the basis of server programming, servers play a vital role to play any game. Moreover, with the help of the server we can update the software of the game in a limited interval of time.

Servers not only update the features of the game but also increase the life of Android phones. Because when we operate such big storage games our phone gets stuck. To normalise such minor errors while playing a game server play a crucial role. A major list of servers according to language and country code are as follows:

  • Garena Free Fire Indonesia server. This server holds a big chain of subscribers to get extra rewards.A separate youtube channel is also available by the name of Garena Indonesia.
  • Garena Free Fire Brazil Server- This server provides a chance to get the free fire dress bundles and holds more than 50 million players on the server.
  • Garena Free Fire Singapore server- Singapore server is not a bit famous due to the language barrier. Majorly the player prefers Tamil and this server has not any official account to convey any hacks. Moreover, Gamers prefer Indian servers rather than Singapore free fire servers.

  • Garena Free Fire Indian Server- Indian Free Fire server is more popular than other servers and holds more than 25 million regular players. This server solely used to get free gun skins and vehicle skins.
  • Garena Free Fire Vietnam Server- Vietnam server is also a popular server like Indian server. This server provides gun skins in the early stages of the game. Apart from this, it holds more than 10 million active players.
  • Garena Free Fire Mexico Server.
  • Garena Free Fire Hiroshima
  • Garena Free Fire Nepal
  • Garena Free Fire EU
  • Garena Free Fire Thailand
  • Garena Free Fire MENA

So there are a total 11 servers in the Garena Free Fire that facilitate all those gamers who are willing to add some extra weapons and features to the games.

Are there any alternatives to Free Fire Servers?

Yes, there are other private alternatives to Free Fire Servers but those servers are risky and not safe at all. According to their software development system, other servers do not have a long life and can vanish anytime. Such a private version server can’t maintain your account for long. That is why choosing an alternative server can be a big mistake.

So the best server list that is already mentioned above is the best option for all the gamers. To choose these servers any gamer can purchase diamonds and skin guns.

In terms of getting diamonds and other weapons, servers are distributed according to the pay rates.

Vietnam, Thailand and Indian servers are the most popular servers for getting extra rewards and diamonds. So now you have a particular list to choose any server according to your choice.

Once you select a server you will get the rewards points and free diamonds as per the criteria of the server. Free Fire contains a list of 11 servers that are distributed as per active players and features. Pick anyone that makes your game convenient.