The Best Free Fire Tips for New Players 2021: Who Is Free Fire Richest Noob?

Who Is Free Fire Richest Noob?

Lokesh Gamer is the most popular and most affluent Free Fire Richest noob. Lokesh joined YouTube in November 2017. His YouTube channel has 6.87 million subscribers, which puts him at the top of the most popular YouTube creators. Lokesh leads the Free Fireteam "Team Hind." Lokesh's win rate in Free Fire is 21 percent, according to the details. Lokesh has played more than 1166 solo matches and more than 2833 points in squad-mode gameplay. According to the company, Desi gamer and Badge 99 are also famous players on the platform.

: Who Is Free Fire Richest Noob?

After taking an overview of the data, the company launched a campaign for every streamer on its platform to share the data with their viewers. It also encouraged the viewers to vote for the users who played the game most accurately. The company urged the viewers to play Free Fire to join the people who are ranked among the top on the scoreboard. The winning player will get a cash prize of $500 cash. Moreover, the user will also get a certificate of being a millionaire. To participate in the same, the viewers have to head over to our website. Also, if you need any assistance, you can reach out to us at

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How to be a good player and earn more points in Free Fire

One of the easiest and highly recommended strategies for beginners is to join the squad-multiplayer game mode. Even if you are not forward with thegameplay, you can figure out the game's strategy by joining other players. You can also experiment a lot more to improve your rank. However, Free Fire is a single-player experience that is purely based on gameplay. You can play the shooter game in different ways. Either you can challenge another player or play the social experience.

Both social and multiplayer games play entirely on the Internet. The Free Fire player base also features someone who is addicted to online multiplayer gaming. You can chat with other players in Free Fire's open chat room.

The Leader of Team Hind

"I started making YouTube videos in 2011, and a lot of people had been asking me to do some types of games like DotA2 and Team Fortress 2. I didn't have a team, though, so that's why I did Free Fire, and for me, the idea that I needed the most was to be the leader of my team," said Lokesh Gamer on the platform. "So I challenged myself to become the richest noob on the game so that I could add some more depth to my gameplay and learn a new game.

But there are more and more people who play my channels on Free Fire, and I get a lot of appreciation for how I've been able to lead my team," added Lokesh Gamer.

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How are Lokesh and Desi Gamer friends?

These two players are of similar age (31) and lived in the same region. Lokesh is from Patiala, while Desi is from Noida. Since he was the only one with a driving license, Lokesh used to work at Google in 2012. He worked at the company for four years and then got laid off. He then started freelancing for a while and eventually started working for Candy Crush. Around December 2017, Lokesh got a call from his close friends who were playing on Free Fire.

The team playing was already at the bottom of the leader board but struggled to win more points than other teams. So the creators decided to put Lokesh on the team. He played for a few games but quit after starting to get bored with his performance.

The Company's Response to Its Popular Players

According to the company, its top 9 regular players alone have an investment of INR 26.5 million. To address the concerns of its top players, the team is planning to go on an offline tour called The Best Seller Tour. The time will be held in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Delhi. Also, the company is planning to host offline events in Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru in the coming months.


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