Best Player In Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is one of the popular online battleground games that play all over the world.

Best Player In Free Fire

More than 500 million have downloaded this game from the google play store and a wide majority of youths are still playing this game.

Every game lover is agog to know about the best player of Free Fire.

Top Free Fire Player In India:

Garena Free Fire is the topmost trending game among youths and children. This game is not only popular in India but also famous in other countries like the Philippines, Russia, Malaysia and Thailand. The origin of this game is related to the Singapore company and the owner of this game was born and brought up in China but for a long time has lived in Singapore as a permanent resident.

The Free Fire game is basically created by the 111 Dots studio and is available for Android, PC and iOS devices.

Gamers from different regions are willing to know the best player of Garena Free Fire and recently the game announced a list of best Free Fire players.

A list of top Free Fire game is as follows:

  1. S.K Sabir
  2. Ind Gamer
  3. Badge 99
  4. NTR Nobita

Apart from this, there is a shortlist of players who are listed under the list of Top 10 world’s best player:

  1. Ajju Bhai
  2. T S G Jash
  3. Sudip Sarkar
  4. J I G S
  5. Nayeem Alam

World's Top best player of Free Fire

If we discuss the brief summary of these popular players then Nayeem Alam lies on the top.

Nayeem Alam is one of the top advanced and experienced players who know every single hack of the game. According to their routine, he is a great streamer who prefers to play full-time. He has more than 1 million subscribers on his channel and has become one of the best players in the world.

World’s second number top player of Free Fire

Sultan Proslo, the world’s second number best player who got a great rank among all the other players. He is an Indonesian player and listed under the top list Free Fire player of the world.

Sultan has made his own Youtube channel where he explained the basic tricks to become a good player in Free Fire and got more than 14 million subscribers.


World’s First number best player in Free Fire

TSG Jash is one of the popular and advanced players of Free Fire. He has additional skills to play the game and made several records by his own way of playing. TSG has only a single player that has been the grandmaster in every season.

His gaming techniques are very advanced and a wide range of gamers are willing to know his rules to play Garena Free Fire.

How did Free Fire become so popular after PubG

Free Fire is not only popular in India but also the favourite one for Southeast Asian countries.

After the ban of the Chinese game PubG, Free Fire is the second top trending game that plays a crucial role to forget Pub G.

So the players that have been mentioned above are the top world’s best players of the Free Fire and gathered a lot of traffic on their Youtube channels.

The annual income of these players is very high due to heavy traffic on social media accounts and subscribers.

Garena Free Fire is famous all over the world just because of its graphics and processors and has become the second-largest used game by youths and children.

Anyone can play this game on Mobile, PC and iOS devices after completing the installing process through the google play store.