How to get DJ Alok Free in Free Fire?

DJ Alok- What does it mean in Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire is an online battleground game that is most popular all over the world.

How to get DJ Alok Free in Free Fire?

More than 500 million users have downloaded this game through the google play store. To play this game with the help of additional features, players need to get diamonds to purchase items like skins, guns, weapons, cosmetics and characters.

Characters are the major part of this game and DJ Alok is the name of a character that is chosen by a vast majority of players throughout the world.

Now the good news for all the Garena Free Fire lovers is that now they can get the DJ Alok free in free fire by earning the extra diamonds. To increase the number of diamonds for unlocking the DJ Alok there are several apps available on the google play store so that players can easily get the diamonds and purchase the characters like DJ Alok without any deduction of charge.

How to get DJ Alok Characters Free of cost In Free Fire?

DJ Alok is one of the most demanding characters in Free Fire. In every updated version of Free Fire, this character has its own unique role to make the game more interesting.

One of the crucial features of this character Dj Alok is to get the Drop the Beat. DJ Alok is one of the famous paid characters in Free Fire.

Drop the beat is a very interesting and crucial tool to hike the heath and player strength. Furthermore, DJ Alok has his own criteria to pick the weapons and play the game to defeat the enemies. Every single player of free fire is aware of DJ Aloks and his performance to play the game. That is why the DJ Alok character is in demand. But it is not easy to unlock the DJ Alok character, players need to pay 499 diamonds to unlock this character or through real money via a payment gateway. Here we will give you an overview or short hacks to get the DJ Alok character without paying any amount.

Basic steps guide to get the DJ Alok Free in Free Fire

  • Simply open the Free Fire Game on your device.
  • Go to the character option and click there.
  • After scrolling the characters click on DJ Alok.
  • Select the 600 diamonds slot to unlock this character.
  • After completing these four steps you can easily get the DJ Alok.

Other alternative steps to unlock the DJ Alok in the free version

As we discussed in the above steps, to get the DJ Alok character players to need to spend 600 diamonds which is not easy for every player. So we would like to share some other strategies to unlock this character without paying any currency. Other alternative hacks are as mentioned below:

  1. Players can use the DJ Alok Redeem code.
  2. To get the diamonds top-up or an airdrop offer.

So after following these two steps players can get the DJ Alok character into your Garena Free Fire game. But how can we get the redeem code is another query of players. So players simply do one thing:

  • Open the free fire redeem cost post and get the DJ Alok code.
  • Go to the Free Fire Rewards page
  • Open the Free Fire page and log in to your account.

Moreover, the second method to get the DJ Alok free into your Free Fire account is to top-up diamonds. There are several apps available on the google play store that help to increase the diamonds after taking part in some events of the free fire.

Once you collect the extra diamonds into your free fire account, you can easily unlock the DJ Alok character with the help of collection diamonds.