Who Is The King Of Free Fire?

Is there a Free Fire king in India? Unfortunately, this is a difficult question to answer, given the sheer number of Free Fire players.

Who Is The King Of Free Fire?

Free Fire is a great battle royale sport in India. There are many skilled players in Free Fire, which has a large player base of millions. Many Free Fire players are now asking this question: Who is India's King of Free Fire?Do you want to find out who the? God of Free Fire in India What is the best way to get started?

Many YouTubers and players claim to be the King or Queen of Free Fire. Therefore, we will be making a list of Free Fire players worthy of this title in this article.

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King Of Free Fire

1. Rai Star, Highest Headshot Rate

2. Sudip Sarkar, Highest K/D Ratio

3. P.K Gamer Free Fire, King Of Factory

4. Total Gaming Free Fire, AWM King

5. Gaming Free Fire Arpan Solo King  Vs. Squad

1.Rai Star Highest Headshot Rate

Rai Star Free Fire ID 12022250

This is a very popular Free Fire Youtuber within the Indian Free Fire community. Rai Star has a YouTube channel that boasts 4.89 million subscribers. His ability to take headshots is what makes Rai Star's channel so popular. However, he might be mistaken for putting highlights on headshots to show his skill.

Rai Star is well-known for his speed in Free Fire and his incredible ability to hit headshots.

If you look at Rai Star's Free Fire profile stats, you will see that he has achieved a total of 52344 kills while in Squad mode. Twenty-four thousand seven hundred nineteen are headshots. This gives Squad mode a 47% headshot ratio, which is the highest in India. On the other hand, his headshot rate in Clash Squad mode is 64.43%.

Rai Star is not only known for his insane headshots, but he's also frequently hailed as the fastest player in Free Fire. So who is India's King of Free Fire? Might you ask? Rai Star is the correct answer.

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2.Sudip Sarkar, Highest K/D Ratio

Sudip Sarkar Fire ID: 97653930

Sudip Sarkar, a player from India, is undoubtedly one of the names worthy of "India's King of Free Fire. His insane K/D ratio earned him the "title" most. In Squad mode, he has the highest Free fire K/D ratio of any Indian player with a 5.47 K/D. Sudip Sarkar owns a YouTube channel that has 1.26 million subscribers. Sudip Sarkar is the Indian Free Fire Champion with the highest K/D ratio.

3.P.K Gamer Free Fire, King Of Factory

P. Gamer Free Fire ID: 5598024

This YouTuber is also known by the name King Of Factory in Free Fire. P.K Gamer's favorite drop spot is The Factory. He always kills it every time he lands there. Many of his videos were shot at Factory. His most popular video, "Beware of My Scope in Factory Roof," has received more than 22,000,000 views.

4.Total Gaming Free Fire AWM Kings

Total Gaming Free Fire ID: 451012596

Most of you probably know the name. Total Gaming, with 25 million subscribers, is India's most subscribed YouTuber. They also own one of the most significant Indian Free Fire esports leagues. He is also an extremely skilled player, which is not surprising. Total Gaming is also known for being the AWM King of Free Fire.

Total Gaming, with over 25 million subscribers, is India's most prominent Free Fire YouTuber.

The AWM is a powerful sniper rifle that can deal with a lot of damage and is precise. Unfortunately, this weapon is a nightmare when it comes to the hands of Total Gaming. His lifetime statistics show that he has racked up 44061 kills in Squad Mode and a remarkable 4.97 K/D ratio. These numbers are likely due to the AWM.

5. Gaming Free Fire Arpan Solo King  Vs. Squad

Arpan Gaming Free Fire ID 389663388

Solo Vs. Squad in Free Fire can be a difficult challenge even for the most skilled players. However, Arpan Gaming seems to be doing well in this mode. He has cleared many Squads on his own, and he deserves the title of King Of Solo Vs. Squad.

Free Fire Fastest Solo Vs. Squad Player | Pro Tips With Solo Vs. Squad King

Solo vs. Squad is an entirely different game. Your skill is useless if they can't aim when you are facing a whole Squad. To survive and kill them all, you need the right strategy. Even then, they can revive one another and get back at your feet quickly.


In the first category, Rai Star, the maker of smash hit Rambo, is the King of Free Fire. In the second category, Sudip Sar is the King. Finally, in the third category, the King is Nihar Kataria.