Garena Free Fire AS Gaming ID- Stats, Income and Many More.

 Nowadays, One where the Internet has become a crucial aspect for everyone, gaming conveys a vital path to nourish mental hygiene. Gone are the days when players used to play games like Tekken 3 and Temple Run. Since battleground and online video shooting games come forward everything has changed rapidly.

Today a majority of youths and children are fond of PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire which allows players to take benefit from content creators and monetize their games. AS Gaming is one of them that creates a good rank among content creators. If you are really agog to know everything about AS Gaming then stat tune with this post till the end. 

Garena Free Fire AS Gaming ID- Stats, Income and Many More.
Created By Garena Free Fire.

Who is AS Gaming In Free Fire?

Sahil Rana, aka AS Gaming, is undoubtedly one of the creators of the most triple-crown free fire content in India. Last year was very fruitful for Sahil, he crossed the thirteen million mark and became the second most signed channel in the Indian Free Fire community with 1.6 billion views.

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AS Gaming covered free Fire ID 169525329 in favor of a beautiful K / D magnitude relationship. In the A_S gaming profile, it is currently ranked PT IV in Battle Royale Mode Season Two and ranked Gold in Clash Squad Season Eight. He did not make the heroic rankings in Battle Royale mode or Clash Squad mode last season.

AS Gaming has played more than 7773 squad games so far out of which 1188 count as winning games. His winning rate is 15.28%. He collected a total of 20009 homicides, which illustrate a pair of magnitude correlations. In doubles mode, he competed with 307 wins in a total of 2212 games, which translates to a 13.8% win rate. He scored 6002 kilos in all games.

AS Gaming YouTube Channel and Income.

The main A_S gaming YouTube channel Gregorian Calendar was created on the 26th of 2016 and now has 13.3 million subscribers. It is the second most signed YouTube channel in Asia after the entire gaming YouTube channel. The channel has been growing very fast recently with one million new subscribers every month. He broadcasts free fire on the A_S Army channel and uploads free fire gameplay. This channel was created a long time ago. It currently has 13.34 million members.

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The A_S gaming channel was created several months ago for short free fire clips to catch the latest short video trend on YouTube. Sahil Genus Rana Channel is also an alternative channel where he broadcasts other laptop games like GTA. Also, if we mention their financial gains with Social Blade‌, the A_S Vice Channel has received 145 million views in the last thirty days, while the A_S Army has received seventy million views in the last thirty days. We excluded the opposite pair of channels as they have a very small number of views compared to the two main channels.

For every thousand views Rs. At 24 speeds, A_S Wise has garnered over Rs. 51.6 earned. He is clearly one of the highest-earning free fire YouTubers in Asia. Note that this amount will not supply his various financial benefits such as donations from fans, tournaments, sponsorship deals. Hence his actual financial gain is much higher than that.

However, Free Fire now has become the second most playing game ever after the ban of PUBG Mobile. That’s the main reason a wide range of content creators has started their journey as YouTubers to promote their services for the betterment of players. Hope this guide will provide you with an understanding of the basics of AS Gaming. 


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