Garena Free Fire Raistar Id, Stats, Income and Many More.

 Garena Free Fire is an infamous online royale battleground game that has become the world second most playing game after the ban of PUBG Mobile. Free Fire is not only preferred in India but also playing in other countries too. Garena Free Fire covered more than 30 characters and every character has its own unique ability. DJ Alok, Jai, Hayato, Chrono are some of the popular characters in free fire and Raistar is one of them, Today with the help of this post we will tell you about Raistar and his income, stats and channel. If you are a free fire lover and wanted to know every single update about Raistar then stay connected with this post till the end. 

Garena Free Fire Raistar Id, Stats, Income and Many More.
Created By Garena Free Fire.

Who is Raistar in a free fire?

Raistar is one of the prominent content creators of free fire and his ID is- 12022250. Free Fire may be the most widespread Battle Royale game in the mobile play community. Similarly, the game received great quality from most people. Content creators are fascinated by the charm of the game. Raistar is one of the most recognizable and troubled players in the Indian Free Fire community. We need to see Raistar free fire ID, statistics and more for March 2021.

Raistar is a very great and troubled player. He is well known for his crazy headshots and kills. In addition, he is also known as one of the fastest reflexes in the game.

Free Fire recently won the Most Viewed Mobile Game title in the third quarter of 2021 and reached the one billion transfer mark in the Google Play Store earlier this year. This huge jump in its quality became the biggest reason for the growth in its sports scene and hence became the impetus for growth within the range of content creators within the Junction FF community. Raistar is one such name in the free-fire community, so the World Health Organization has become a genre due to its gameplay.

Stats and Income of Raistar in a free fire?

The Raistar have played 16000 squad matches so far and despite the size of the matches, their figures are above average with the twenty-sixth top 3 rates and 3.96 K / D magnitude relationship. Raistar also won several graded matches in Clash Squad mode and in this mode he clearly destroys his enemies. He has a powerful headshot rating of sixty-six out of all his graded matches in this mode. Here are their stats for Clash Squad Mode.

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With 48515 kilos, he has an unbreakable associate degree, with a surprising K / D ratio of 4.16 per match and a conventional loss of 1348. YouTube won 705 of 4439 doubles matches. He indented an additional 14287 forts with an interesting K / D ratio of 3.83. Regarding freelance mode, Decoration played 3457 matches and raised four hundred boys with 10632 kilos.

Raistar YouTube Channel Free fire is one of the most popular gambling content channels in the community. Furthermore, he started his diversion in 2019 with fewer endorsements, but now it has gained 4.54 million supporters on several free Fire Jackfruit channels. In addition, the best views on his videos are nearly ninety million.

Raistar has gained 300k subscribers and 8.72 million views in the last 30 days. Raistar YouTube channel holds nearly seventy-five million associate degrees for recordings transferred to its YouTube channel and is not inherited from the live gushing of the additionally documented Free Firefight Imperial game.

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