All New Gun In Garena Free Fire- Latest Weapons.

New Gun In Garena Free Fire- Latest Weapons.

Garena Free Fire has a constantly developing arms stockpile of weapons, with the engineers adding weapons in each significant OB update. There is a new firearm in Free Fire this time around, "Kingfisher." The title has a tremendous stockpile of weapons from each classification, whether it is AR, SMG, Sniper Rifles, or Pistols.

The firearm was additionally prodded in the OB28 update fix notes with new person D-Bee and new pets. The gun accompanying the handgun of Pistol classification 'Uzi,' yet Uzi was presented in the game with the update. This article will investigate the newly added new firearm in Free Fire Kingfisher and all you want to be familiar with the weapon. 

New Gun In Free Fire: Kingfisher

Kingfisher in Free Fire

The new weapon included in the AR class will utilize AR ammunition and accompanies a pre-prepared 2X scope. The new Kingfisher AR will be quicker, in contrast to the Parafal or the AK. ARs with a high discharge rate is generally viewed as better than average, as you would headshot be able to individuals more straightforwardly.

The new firearm in Free Fire Kingfisher Assault Rifle is a mid-range weapon. It has average harm for every shot and has a powerful mid-reach, not similar to M4A1 and Groza. The gun has a pre-appended x2 scope, yet you can, in any case, connect an x4 scope or a Thermal scope. The Free Fire Kingfisher Assault Rifle has a 20-adjust magazine, and it can't append an extra magazine. 

The magazine size of this weapon is very more modest than most other Assault Rifles in Free Fire. On top of that, the weapon doesn't involve the magazine as a connection. The main potential gain of the weapon is the high pace of discharge in the mid-reach and the precision it offers. 

The weapon has an exceptionally low backlash and gives players high exactness and high harm with a respectable pace of the shoot. The weapon can connect a Muzzle, Stock, and Foregrip to provide more identity, reach, and soundness. Notwithstanding, it has a small magazine size and doesn't perform well in long-range battles. 

Other Top Guns in Free Fire


The M79 is a cutting-edge explosive launcher that bargains space of impact harm and works on 40mm ammunition. With significant damage and precision, it wipes out adversaries from the cover. M79 faces can't be furnished with any sort of connections, and they additionally have just a single magazine with an average reach.


The Groza is perhaps the most well-known gun, particularly in the last circles of the game. It has high harm alongside high stability, which makes it quite possibly the most dependable gun Free Fire has at any point seen. Alongside this, the Groza offers a high reach, and the main con it has is its low reloading speed.


Snipers assume a critical part in significant distance battles, and among all the sniper rifles, the AWM is the most impressive and can kill the foe in one headshot. It has a high reload time, yet that can be pardoned due to the power it gives. It accompanies a pre-connected 8X scope, making it the deadliest Free Fire firearm.


The Gatling is an assault rifle with a crazy pace of shoot and capability. The fundamental feature of the weapon is its magazine limit of 1200 bullets. Alongside this, it furnishes high precision with an excellent measure of harm. Notwithstanding, the player will have low portability while involving it in the game.


The M14 is the most powerful attack rifle, with the most elevated harm and extended reach. On account of its high space, the M14 can likewise be utilized as a sniper, giving the player who uses it an edge over rivals. The M14 is a novice amicable weapon, yet it mainly needs a high magazine limit.

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