Garena Free Fire Romeo’s Gamer ID- Know Stats and Many More.

Chaudhary Yuvraj Singh Tomar, also known as Romeo Gamer, owns Romeo Gamer and Romeo Army YouTube channels. He is a YouTuber and gamer from India. Romeo is a player in Garena Free Fire, a web-based Battle Royale game that is expected to be the most downloaded game on the planet in 2020.

Romeo’s Gamer ID

He has 2.25 million supporters and 120,383,586 views on his first channel, Romeo Gamer, and 132 thousand supporters and 521,207 views on his second channel, Romeo Army. Romeo is a very active member of the Garena Free Fire Gaming Community's YouTube channel. 

Romeo streams Garena Free Fire live every day on his Youtube account at 6.30 a.m. Romeo Gamer revealed his face on March 16, 2021, and the video received 1.8 million views. Ajju Bhai, Amitbhai, SRV-X-Mania, Munna Bhai Gaming, Jonty Gaming, TG-FozyAjay, TE-Pahadi, and a slew of other YouTubers joined Romeo in the game. After nailing the headshot, he is also recognized for his 'Pat Se Tola' exchange. 

On the 14th of June 2019, he transferred his first video. Many people refer to him as the "Production Line King." His UID is 137719383, and he has almost 30k preferences, with an overall level of 80. Romeo Army is the name of his organization.

Early Life

Yuvraj Singh, commonly known as Romeo Gamer, was born and raised in the Indian city of Delhi. Romeo attended a local school in Delhi, India, for his education. Romeo earned his bachelor's degree in arts (B.A.) from the University of Delhi in Delhi, India. Later in twelfth grade, Romeo began purchasing because he attended Promotional events.

When then, Romeo established his Youtube channel after becoming famous for playing Garena free fire. Within 1/5 years, Romeo has amassed a sizable following on Youtube, with 2.17 million subscribers. 

Romeo Gamer Stats

Chaudhary Yuvraj Singh Tomar, better known as Romeo Gamer, has approximately 12616 games in the crew mode under his belt, with over 3957 Booyahs and a high success rate of 31.36 per cent. Yuvraj has around 40,000 kills in crew mode alone, with an astounding K/D ratio of 4.61. Romeo has won 480 games out of 3508 total games played, killing 11500 opponents.

Romeo Gamer has won 783 of the 4648 team matches he has participated in. Yuvraj has around 20000 kills in independent mode, with a K/D of 5.15. In terms of the momentum season, Yuvraj, also known as Romeo, is in the Heroic level, the second-highest in the game. Romeo additionally has 61 Booyahs to his name out of 253 couple games.

Romeo Gamer uid

·    His Free Fire ID is 137719383.

·    Likes-30k+

·    Level-80

·    Society Romeo Army

Physical Attributes

Romeo Gamer is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall and has a healthy body. He describes his weight as around 55 kg as more about body well-being (121 lbs). Romeo Gamer maintains a healthy lifestyle and is concerned about his well-being. His chest is estimated to be 40 inches, his waist to be 30 inches, and his biceps to be 14 inches. He's got a great haircut and black hair, as well as black eyes.

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