5 Best Characters in Free Fire Game

At this point, Garena Free Fire needs little introduction; It is one of the most popular – if not the most popular – battle royal games for mobile devices. You could argue that Call of Duty: Mobile is also a great example of the genre, but the game has several other game modes besides Battle Royal. As far as pure Battle Royale games are concerned, Free Fire is definitely one of the most popular contenders in its category.

5 Best Characters in Free Fire Game

For those who don’t know about these games, the premise is simple: many players board a plane and fall on an island, after which they have to run around in search of weapons and armor, And then fight for the final standing. Many good items are also looted, including currency and other gifts to help unlock new items in the game for the winner. And while the base game is fairly straightforward, it is very unlockable that adds tons to play free fire.

How to install and uninstall Garena Free Fire

In particular, one of the most important features that you can unlock in this game is the characters, which are the champions you can choose before entering a match, and which improve a certain aspect of your gameplay. Provide different sets of unique abilities and skills to create. There are currently about 23 characters available to unlock in Free Fire, not including Adam and Eve, which are two base characters who have no special skills.

We have already talked about the best weapons to watch in free fire. But now, we are going to discuss the best characters in this battle royale game. If you want to make the best decision for your playstyle, then take a look at these characters.


5 Best Characters in Free Fire Game

For those who often kill during their matches, such as playing Free Fire on PC with Bluestacks, this character is just for you. Shani is quite simple because its skill is only activated when you kill, which you are doing regularly anyway. As an engineer, who spends most of his days in the local junkyard, he becomes quite adept at putting and storing goods together. As such, he is a talented mechanic with great efficiency in repairing and manufacturing all types of items.

Shani’s skill, “Recycle Gear,” allows him to recover armor for every kill he receives. And not only that, if your armor is full, when you are able to kill with it, the extra armor will eventually help upgrade it to the next level, up to a maximum of level 3 – if you still need to find an armor upgrade. If you want to get the coveted Level 4 armor then put a kit on the field.

When they succeed in battle, Shani is clearly superior, as long as it kills, it is useful.


5 Best Characters in Free Fire Game

The best champion for those who like to rely on AR weapons is known as some of the best guns in the game. Certainly, SMGs and shotguns are great over short distances, and can often outperform AR given better conditions, but these assault rifles are better suited for a wide variety of situations. In other words, ARs are often your best choice for primary weapons, while your secondary slot is filled with a weapon that you use best, such as a good sniper rifle.

When it comes to AR yields, Paloma is definitely the way to go, due to her status as the queen of the weapon underworld, she is particularly skilled at carrying these types of weapons. In particular, Paloma is not weighed with AR pills, which means she can take almost as much as she wants, and still has room for grenades, first aid kits and other useful items.


5 Best Characters in Free Fire Game

How hard to hit compared to a regular target? A moving target, of course! Joseph is one of the most elusive characters in Free Fire for his passive skills, increasing his speed by a set percentage each time the enemy comes under fire. At the maximum level, this agile character can increase speed by 20% for 1 second when taking damage.

For this reason, Joseph is obviously a good choice for running and gunning, ideal for players who like to use SMGs or shotguns. However, he is a stronger option in general, given that the increased movement not only helps you cover faster, but it also makes you a more difficult target to hit.


5 Best Characters in Free Fire Game

Except for the fact that his name is “booger” in Spanish, Moco is actually a great team player with his skills to tag and mark enemies on screen. Her passive skill, called “Hackers Eye”, automatically hits any enemy that manages to hit Moko, exposing them to her entire team for two seconds.

If you have ever played Free Fire in Squad with Randies, you know that most firefights in this game are “I see an enemy!” After the frantic scream “Where ?!” By the rest of the team. With Moco, this is not an issue as enemies are simply tagged and marked on everyone’s radar, making it much easier for the enemy to acquire and track.


5 Best Characters in Free Fire Game

Ideal for those living there who are often ambushed and want to keep their presence hidden at all times. Rafael Stealth Kills has a master assassin, a skill that manifests with his “Dead Silent” ability. Once activated, Rafael can shoot his weapons at the enemy without fear of being marked at his least, until he keeps his skills active, relatively hiding his location keeps.

This ability has a 90-second cooldown, which means that the user should activate it only when strictly required, lest he finds himself with a perfect opportunity to ambush the opponent. , Only to have skills at Colddown.

And there you have it. For the above reasons, we think these are the strongest characters in Free Fire. Of course, while a character like Rafael succeeds in solo play, all others like Moko are about teamwork and are best suited to play in doubles or teams. Meanwhile, other characters like Shani, Paloma, and Joseph are effective regardless of the circumstances, so pick your poison!


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