5 Best Free Fire Character Combinations for DJ Alok

DJ Alok is the Best character in the Battle Royal game, Garena Free Fire as a support with a much larger buffer area. As a support hero, of course, DJ Alok is very reliant on his teammates to achieve the victory known as Booyah. To maximize your abilities, here are five best Free Fire characters that are suitable to be combined with DJ Alok.

Miguel (Free Fire Character)

Miguel (Free Fire Character)

Miguel himself is known as an elite soldier in special forces. Why is he called an elite soldier? This is all thanks to his awesome ability in a fight. As a gunner, strategist, and martial artist, was all thanks to these abilities that gave him the complete package of a soldier.

Miguel’s abilities succeeded in leading him into his army. Talking about his abilities, Miguel can continue to get EP every time he succeeds in killing an enemy! Fighting enemies does not make Miguel weak, but makes him stronger, especially if he succeeds.

Due to his abilities, Miguel is apt to be paired with DJ Alok who will give additional HP when Miguel dies.

Kelly (Free Fire Character)

Kelly (Free Fire Character)

Kelly, who was famous for her ability to run and run for her entire life, then running became the special force of this character. Kelly’s special strength is to increase sprinting speed by 6 percent when his skill level is maxed out. At Level 1, Kelly would increase the sprinting speed by only 1 percent.

However, you need to remember that Kelly’s own speed can only be increased while you’re sprinting. So, if you move, as usual, his speed is normal when you use other characters. However, when you do sprint, Kelly the Sprinter will dash quickly.

To make Kelly more aggressive, she can use the buffalo offered by DJ Alok which will give her an extra 15 percent speed.

Joseph (Free Fire Character)

Joseph (Free Fire Character)

With his ability called the “Nutty Movement”, Joseph can move freely to infiltrate the enemy formation and disarm them. He can also serve as a flanker who secretly moves toward the enemy’s blind spot with a mission to kill the enemy.

Although they gain only 10 percent extra speed in the initial level and only last for 1 second, in reality, it is very helpful and can change the current Free Fire meta. If you succeed in increasing Joseph’s maximum level, his running speed will increase by 20 percent. Like Kelly, the DJ Alok ceremony is here to open up high chances for Joseph so that he can directly enter the enemy’s defense.

Hayato (Free Fire Character)

Hayato (Free Fire Character)

Hayato has Bushido passive skills to increase the damage he produces when his blood is diluted. With this ability, for those of you who like to play brutally, it will spoil.

But you need to remember that his ability will become a double-edged sword. Do not disappoint your guard as you are absorbed in receiving damage to get his passive effect and do not pay attention to his blood volume and eventually die!

But, relax. Thanks to DJ Alok’s HP Region, those of you who are Hayato users, don’t worry if you get hit by enemy firearms.

A124 (Free Fire Character)

The A124 is an Android made of modern technology of this era. Even though he is a robot, he has a face that looks like a human! In fact, he was hardly seen as an Android. Not only in its body, the A124 also has a fashion style that is equipped with high technology, allowing it to change its EP to become HP.

Can you imagine the A124 being combined with DJ Alok’s treatment? It will be very strong, right?

So, they are the five best Free Fire characters you can associate with DJ Alok. Those of you who want to get updates about PC and mobile games, be sure to follow the social media accounts of the world.



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