Free Diamonds for Free Fire 2021: Get Yourself a Great Deal on Your Next Diamond Purchase!

These can be directly purchased from the Shop or can be redeemed by completing a few missions. Read this article to know how to get free diamonds for Free Fire without Top Up and Garena Free Fire offers a wide variety of in-game characters, outfits, weapons, and much more. Again, these can be directly purchased from the Shop or redeemed by completing a few missions.

Free Diamonds for Free Fire

How to Get Free Diamonds for Free Fire

Get 25 free diamonds daily via Top-up coins earned during gameplay.

1. Finish the daily quest “Get Free Passes” in the second mission.

2. Receive 12 diamonds, according to the mission objectives.

3. Buy yourself premium content.

4. Go to the Cash Shop and view your Shop Box.

5. Receive 40 diamonds based on your in-game character.

6. Go to the in-game room if you don’t have one or your Friendzone.

7. Sit down; you’ve earned your diamonds! If you need to access the Steam or Garena PC client, you can register here.

What is Membership?

With a membership, you can enjoy a free 25% discount on all item purchases in Garena Free Fire. This helps to reduce the cost of getting your favorite characters, costumes, and weapons. As you would probably have guessed, you can also play other games through the Membership. All you require to do is to download the game first before logging in. You can also create a Player ID with a Player Pass or a Player Account if you want to.

How to Create a Player ID/Pact Pass/Account in Garena Free Fire? As you probably know, you can create a Player ID by logging in to the game. If you wish to make an Account in Garena Free Fire, go to and register your Account with your Player Pass, which is one of the items included in your Account.

The Benefits of Membership

Performing the Free Fire challenges or missions can earn you Diamonds, and this can be redeemed against gifts or cosmetic items. To ensure that you get all the rewards, be sure to do the Free Fire challenge every week. Each item will have the same amount of Diamonds for free after you complete the tasks. You get the Free Fire task rewards. You also get the Free Fire game rewards such as various outfits and weapons.

If you decide to participate in the Free Fire challenges again, you’ll receive the same amount of Diamonds when you complete the tasks every week. So remember to do the Free Fire challenge every week. Else you will not get the same amount of Diamonds each week.

Get free diamonds for Free Fire without Top-up.

What are Diamonds? Diamonds are the ultimate currency for the game, used to buy unique characters, outfits, weapons, and more. They come in five different types – Diamonds – Full Set (Rare) Diamonds – Full Set (Common) Diamonds – Weapon Set (Common) Diamonds – Weapon Set (Uncommon) Diamonds – Weapon Set (Rare) Each diamond-type has its benefits, so pick the right one for the item you need and spend the others wisely.

Watch out for these benefits of diamonds – Prestige – Your character will gain all the advantages of the rarer diamonds. Consumable – All your items will be up to date with all the latest technology. Voucher – All your favorite things will be available as consumable items. Prestige – Your character will gain all the advantages of rarer diamonds.

Somewhat than acquiring the diamonds by top-up, you can opt for a weekly or monthly Membership to save money.

Creating a Passport With a membership, you can collect free Diamonds, Credits, Gold, XP Boosts, and more. They can be earned by performing daily quests or activities from the in-game store. Although the Daily Passport is free and offers great rewards to you, you can choose the Weekly and Monthly Passports available in the store. Memberships will also allow you to gain additional access to more dungeons and raids.

In addition, the Membership will give you a 10% coupon off of the purchase of these items. How to Add a Member Card to Free Fire: This option will allow you to transfer 10 Diamonds every month to your cart; from there, you can add any other items you want to your cart. All you must do is go to the Shop, click Add Membership, and fill out the information.


Hopefully, these methods have helped you increase your inventory in Free Fire. Use them whenever you have to. For further knowledge, you can go to the game’s official website. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates. Understanding the Top-Up Plan of Garena Free Fire Garena Free Fire has a 14-day top-up feature that allows players to earn Gems in various ways.

Gems are the in-game currency used for purchasing any of the items in the Shop. Each time you top-up the Membership, you’ll receive a certain amount of Gems. For 14 days, you can earn 30 Gems by finishing Daily Mission, the daily login activities, Daily Quests, and the Daily Wards. You can also earn 30 Gems by completing Weekly Mission or Monthly Mission. And you can get the following items for Free with Membership: Checks, patches, keychains, back-scratchers, t-shirts, ribbon collars, beer coasters, frisbees, keychains, themed pins, iPhone cases, and more.

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