How to Get a Free Fire Advance Server: Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Free Fire is quite a famous battle royale game in India, and after the Indian Govt prevented PUBG Mobile a few months ago, Free Fire became the go-to game for gamers. One of the few stuff like that is the Free Fire Advance Server which is only possible for few players. So here’s everything you need to know about it and a guide on how you can register and download the new content.

Free Fire Advance Server
Created By Free Fire

What is a free fire advance server?

An advanced server that is used by Free Fire Free users for the game to participate in server competitions. At the time of the beta features launch, a total of 10 servers were operational, and also, a lot of server admins were at work on these servers, which created a lot of traffic on the servers. At times, these servers crashed or became unresponsive, which left users with very little to play.

Since a lot of people couldn’t join the server, the developers ran a lot of server maintenance, fixing some issues, and most importantly, bringing back the server features that were previously taken off. So now, one can head to the server section, pick the server of your choice, and start playing the game. It’sIt’s not yet clear whether this server will be updated once the game is officially launched.

How to join Free Fire Advance Server

To play the Free Fire Advance Server, one should either have the game’s PC version or is a Garena VIP. Garena VIP’sVIP’s can use the early access and the Free Fire server to play. To access the Free Fire Advance server, you can follow the steps below. Open your Garena account, click on your name in the top right corner, and click on “gear” in the drop-down menu.

A new tab will appear, and you can click on the link that says “register game keys and play advanced server” at the bottom. Next, fill out your password in the space provided. This is required so you can log in to your account once you are done. Click on “Register Game Key” and give the other required information. Click on “”Download Client””. Click on “”Choose a Username””.

Registering for Garena Server

The first thing to understand here is that Free Fire is currently in its beta phase and is an invitation-based server that requires a reason to download it. That’s why if you don’t have an invite already, then don’t bother trying to join, as you are better off waiting. However, a hard-core gamer can get invites to the Free Fire servers, which are not available yet. To register for the server, you need to register, and with that, you will be granted a beta invite.

Then the trick is getting a hard-core invite, you need to take part in more game modes, and you will receive an invite in the end. More on that here. For now, we are talking about the free India server that is very similar to all other servers.

Getting free Fire advance server

There’s a limited amount of active players to access the Advance Server, and one of the things you need to do is to download the client. To download and register on the Fire Advance server, you need to open your Google Play or the App Store app. On the Google Play Store: Once you open the Google Play Store on your phone or tablet, navigate the search tab, search Free Fire, and tap on it.

The app will appear, and you can download it from there. Next, you need to tap on the Google Play button on the app and tap on “Continue.” After the downloads, you need to install the app on your device. On the App Store: To install the app on your iOS device, open the App Store app, search Free Fire and tap on it. The app will appear, and you can tap on the App Store button on the app and tap on “Get.”

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