Free Fire Alok: The New Game That Has Everyone Hooked

Free Fire Alok is a game where you play as an elite drone pilot tasked with protecting two turrets at each level. It’s different from other tower defense games because it is so fast-paced and action-packed. You have to control both the right and left turret at the same time while also shooting down enemies using your guns.

Free Fire Alok: The New Game That Has Everyone Hooked

The hottest new game for your phone is Free Fire Alok. Free Fire Alok has taken over as the next big thing. Here are some reasons why it will soon be everyone’s newest obsession.

What is Free Fire Alok?

This game takes the genre of tower defense and turns it upside down. The objective of this game is to prevent the two ammo boxes from falling into the opposing team’s hands. Every time one opposing team attempts to place an ammo box on the tower, you have to shoot it down. This helps to win points for your team and get a boost for your own. The speed of the game and the adrenaline rush that comes with it makes this game truly fun.

When can I download it? Free Fire Alok is available on the Google Play store right now. So you can easily play the game for free to check it out and see if it’s for you. The game has earned an overwhelmingly actual response from the people who have tried it, and for a good reason.

How to play?

It would help if you had two sets of guns, the right, and the left. They are both your primary weapons in the game, but your secondary guns are limited. So you requirement be wary not to miss it. It isn’t easy to aim, so observe. Laser Here, you can use your lasers to destroy enemies and get bonus points.

Cars The car levels are where the action happens, primarily if you use laser guns. And in case you don’t have enough bullets, you can buy more shots from the vending machines on every level. How to play? The game has three types of games, such as Survival, Gun Containers, and Gun Array. All of these games are free, so download them now.

Why People Love It and Why You Should Play It?

It’s a top-down shooter in which you play as an elite drone pilot tasked with protecting two turrets at each level. Unlike other tower defense games, you are not defending your tower. Instead, you are supporting two of them. You’re also given an impressive-looking real-life weapon, a shotgun, to take on all the enemies in the game.

Finally, it’s free to play the game, which means you won’t have to wait long for your play to become an obsession. All About Free Fire Alok First, you have to open an in-game shop and spend 10 minutes getting the ins and escapes of the game. Once you do, you are given a gun and a map of the level you are to enter. You are then challenged to shoot down the five enemies attacking you, which will earn you a badge.

The Controls and The game’s challenges

Free Fire Alok is one of the few smartphone tower defense games that allow for left and right triggers. So while you control both buttons, the left button will be for defense, the right button for attack. The game is quite similar to tower defense games like Behemoth and Hue, with the possible exception that there are no mechs to rescue or ram your way into the board. Instead, you control small remote-controlled turrets that shoot the invaders.

The game has just one mode, but it is tough to complete. Your job is to protect the two turrets at each level, or your team will lose the round. While this does sound daunting, it is easier than it seems. The game itself has six stories, each with three missions.

The new trend in gaming and Its addicting

Free Fire Alok is a pretty new game. We believe it’s a trend because you don’t find games like this anywhere else. The game combines action gaming with tower defense. They can play the game on your phone and also on the tablet. FreeFireAlok is also among the first few free games on the Google Play Store.

For some unknown reason, most of the new games in the App store cost money, and they usually take away 50% of the income of the developers. Not Free Fire Alok though, it doesn’t cost you a single penny. It’s free! Just the fact that the game is free for your phones is a massive plus for anyone who likes free games. The fact that it is action-packed, fast-paced, and you don’t need a controller to play is why it’s your new obsession.


There are so many reasons why Free Fire Alok is the hottest new game on the block, and everyone is taking to it and loving it.

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