Free Fire Max Adds a Brand-New Map-“Bermuda Max”!

Previously, Garena announce the pre-registration for their next upgraded Battle Royale, Free Fire Max. Following the announcement, I have some exciting news to share with the gamers who are eagerly waiting for the game’s release.

In a recent post, the North American Free Fire community announced on their official Twitter account that a brand-new map, Bermuda MAX, will be released as part of the Free Fire Max. Garena is set to deploy the Garena Free Fire Max internationally after testing it in a few countries. Players are very enthusiastic about the game, and as part of the worldwide launch, Garena will release a brand-new map called “Bermuda Max.”

Bermuda Max

Free Fire Max: Bermuda Max is Available Now!

Hello, survivors!!! It’s time to summon your bravery, for the Bermuda Max is on its way to Free Fire MAX. It is bringing a whole new twist to the game! Be ready to take on a new war in Free Fir Max. Don’t forget to download the materials/goodies while you’re still in the game!”

So, if you’re curious what the differences and added features are between the maps of the two editions, let me walk you through it. In terms of visuals, Free Fire Max is an upgraded and enhanced version of the original.

The game visuals and a few features will be heavily tweaked in this new edition and the Bermuda Max map. This might include improvements to frame rates, graphical quality choices, and so forth.

The existing content from the previous map, such as the Clock Tower and manufacturing sites, will remain the same on the new Max map; however, players may expect a better aesthetic, since Free Fire Max’s ultimate goal is to make the game visually appealing.


The Free Fire MAX is the new APK’s own Free Fire, but it will recreate images in high resolution, and you can view the detailed features that you won’t find in the Free Fire, such as the golden of skill Alok will have more realistic visuals. The Free Fire is identical; the only difference is the APK, and if your phone is compatible, you may use the same account for both the regular and MAX versions. Also, you can check out our previous article to play it on PC: Best Emulators to Play Free Fire Max.

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