Free Fire Mod APK Diamond Hack Tool

Check out this post to find out how to use the best Free Fire Mod APK Diamond Hack Tool and get unlimited diamonds to use.

Free Fire Mod APK Diamond Hack Tool

Free Fire has become more and more popular since PUBG Mobile was removed from the Indian market. However, the game is somewhat … pay to win, and too many characters + gun skins, and costumes close behind real-money payouts. In this guide, we will showcase the best free fire mod apk diamond hack tool so that you can get an unlimited amount of diamonds and gold, which is enough to unlock everything.

Remember to use a spare account when hacking, as you can be banned at any time.

1 – Where to download Free Fire Mod APK Diamond Hack Tool?

First of all, you have to go to or and browse for free fire. There are actually 2 versions of the hack – one with unlimited money and the other with all other cheats such as aimbot and such. This is probably to cater to players who just want to get some skins without actually cheating on the game.

The site has many other games as well as hacks … Like other shooters, from PUBG Mobile to arcade games like Clash of Clans or Ludo King … you can play every game with unlimited currency and unlock everything Will be able to, very much. The best thing about it is that the hack is constantly updated to counter Garena’s anti-cheat update. It is recommended that you bookmark the site on your browser to get updates.

2 – How to Install Free Fire Mod APK Diamond Hack Tool?

The first step is to download the APK (installation file) and OBB (data file) on the page. Go to either or and download the APK and OBB file. In Kingmodapk you can also download previous versions of the hack – we recommend you use the latest.

After obtaining the two files, you need to run the APK file (after enabling “unknown source” in the settings) to install the hacked version of the game on your device. Do not forget to uninstall any version of the game installed on your phone before doing so.

You must copy the data OBB folder to Sdcard> Android> OBB before running the game. You will need another software to decompress the OBB folder, because the file downloaded from the page is compressed in .RAR. Just Google RAR and download this app from Google Play Store to complete that task. You can also get files on PC and then transfer them to your phone.

After the files are in the OBB folder, play the game and enjoy the hack.

3 – What can this free fire hack app do?

Auto Aim and Fire (Aimbot)

Classing Hacking Feature – With this aimbot activated, your player character will automatically target all enemies in sight and shoot them with extreme accuracy. If you see them first then your enemies will not be able to beat you.

People generally do not like to use this mod as it makes the game very easy. There are also Wallhack and Speed ​​hacks … but they are inactive by default and you have to turn them on.

Unlimited health

Another feature that ensures your victory. With unlimited HP, you can perform tricks that normal players won’t be able to do … like jumping down from really high like a subfield in Kalahari.

Unlimited gold and diamonds

You will be able to buy everything in the shop with this unlimited gold and diamond mod active.

Cheat Detective Bypassed

This is the main reason that this modded APK was able to get through security on Free Fire Server. Overall, your account is unlikely to be banned, unless you update the APK frequently. Create a new account when using this hack for the first time, however … as a precaution.

All characters are already unlocked

All characters in Free Fire will be unlocked and maximized automatically – you can try the game with any skill combination.

Device root not required

You do not need to waste time rooting your device to use this mod.


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