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Many players have always loved free fire worldwide, and people in India are gradually shifting from PUBG Mobile to Free Fire in the spirit of boycotting Chinese apps. This battle royale game assures the right amount of activity and adrenaline that a player aspires from a shooting game. Like other games, this game also has its game currency, which is denoted by in-game Diamonds.

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What is Free Fire Top Up?

In Free Fire, Diamonds are the only way to purchase weapons, costumes, and cosmetic items. Players can buy a maximum of five Free Agents in the Free Fire game, while the others can only be purchased by killing other players. Players can also get more Free Agents by getting more Free Cards and trading cards with other players. Here, the top-up Booster system obtains the maximum number of Diamonds from a single purchase.

This game’s top-up cards are Team Inferno, Limit Break, One shot, Mokka Pack, Mad Dog Pack, and Five Bullets. These are 10 and 25 Diamond cards, respectively, and you can only buy them through the top-up Booster system. How to get Free Fire Top Up?

How does free Fire Top Up work?

You can buy a special pack at the base of the game to get ten Diamonds for 1 Coin. This pack comes with some great items to enhance your gaming experience, and it can also be used to buy gear from a special shop with Diamond items. According to the game developers, Diamonds are more important than any weapon skin or outfit.

So how do I get the top-up bonus? If you play the game regularly and are persistent enough, you will unlock a 100% bonus to all of your top-up activities. According to the game developers, your accumulated Diamonds earn you the 100% bonus whenever you top up.

Free fire is a game app that offers its users the opportunity to earn free top-up. The game provides a very easy way for players to earn points, redeeming for the in-game items they want. But how do you earn points? There are two ways you can acquire points on Free Fire: playing games and inviting friends.

The first way is for players to play matches and win matches to get rewarded with points. However, it’s important to note that playing matches only awards the player 10 points per win and 1 point per loss. The second way is by inviting your friends and family members who play Free Fire onto the app.

Getting 100% Top Up Bonus with Free Fire

Now that the game has been around for a while, we all know that Free Fire is available in several languages. The English version of the game is ad-supported, and they get to keep the in-game currency in the form of Coins. That is the same situation with all other languages such as Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, etc. When you start an in-game battle, players will see an image on the top of their screen that says something along the lines of “Would You Like To Get 100% Coins Earned As Top Up Bonus”.

Players need to choose to get the top-up bonus. In this way, they will be able to get 100% coins earned as Top Up Bonus. So here is how it works: Players can open Free Fire and then go to the menu. They should see a green diamond on top of the menu.

However, Free Fire also offers the second method for players to earn points and get a 100% Top Up Bonus: playing and winning matches with friends. If you invite more than one friend to the game and they all play in matches with you, you can each get a total of 100 points. How to get 100% Top Up Bonus with Free Fire: Both methods award the player a maximum of 100 points. However, the points you get will be different.

The points you get for playing matches with your friends will be based on your number of friends and their average win rate. And, the points you get for playing games with people on your friend’s list will be based on their average win rate.


Free Fire is a game that’s playable on an iPhone or iPad, and the in-game items are only available in the game. The game will make you compete with each other, and in turn, you have to pay for top-up points. But don’t worry, Free Fire makes it very easy for you to acquire top-up points because it offers a 100% top-up bonus system.

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