Free Fire New Pet Ability | Free Fire Yeti Pet Ability Details

I would like to tell all the Free Fire lovers that a new pet took place in the Free Fire game. Yes, a new pet named Yeti and will be available soon. Like all the amazing abilities of the different pets, yeti also have an incredible ability that can help you a lot in your gaming journey. So, read this article from beginning to end to learn about the Free Fire New Pet Ability.

Free Fire New Pet Ability

Free Fire Yeti Pet Ability in a Nutshell

The Yeti is the 19th addition to the list of all the Free Fire Pets. Just because of the addition of this pet into the Free Fire game, the options got increased for the Free Fire Players. With two horns over his head, this pet resembles a bull. He is a bit shorter in stature and has white long bushy hair all over his body. With his strong and brave appearance, he will lead you to your goal by supporting you in combating adversaries throughout your game trip.

Check out Yati Pet Skills:

Having a yeti pet with you has a lot of benefits. Such as:

1- If you don’t have a yeti pet and need to hurl a granite on 242, you’ll die. However, if you have a yeti, you will not perish even if you throw granite at 242. This is a huge tangible benefit of lifesaving. 

2- Yeti is a pet that can reduce your damage scores at the right time. 

3- Every 150 seconds, it lowers the explosion’s damage by 15%.

4- Every 120 seconds, it lessens the explosion’s damage by 20%.

5- Every 90 seconds, it lessens the explosion’s damage by 30%.

These are the best free fire yati pet skills. 

About New Pet Ability:

Free Fire players are unable to purchase the Yeti pet right now because when they click on the purchase button, the statement encounters that “The Pet will be available soon”. So, you need to wait for some time to take advantage of this Free Fire Yeti Pet Ability and skills. 

Moreover, if you don’t like the yeti name, you will also get the option to change your pet name according to you. Just click on the change name option and then you will get two boxes in which the first box is already filled with the previous name and on the next box below, you just need to fill out the desirable name. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just go to your friends who love to play Free Fire games and let them know about these amazing Free Fire Yeti Pet Skills and abilities. So, they can also get the advantages of having this pet in their gaming journey. For availing of this pet, visit the Free Fire games website and purchase the Yeti pet to make this pet your BR mate.

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