Games diamonds top-up in Free Fire: All you need to know

Free Fire will credit Games with Bonus Diamonds on your 1st purchase of games. Only valid for the first-time top-up. You will not be able to receive the first-time topping-up once you have topped up either within the app or with another seller. To check if you are qualified for the bonus diamonds, we can send you your Player ID. Not available for fire players in Vietnam or Thailand, Taiwan, or Indonesia. Free Fire’s in-game currency is diamonds.


These can be used to buy exclusive cosmetics or other items. However, they are not free, and players must spend real money to get them. There are multiple ways to top up diamonds. Top-up websites are the most popular because of the many offers on sites like Games Kharido or Codashop. This article will give you an overview of how to get diamonds from Games Kharido.

Games Review

The top-up is free to play for most games, but Games uses a paid model where users pay through regular payments. All the top-up methods on Games have a limit of Rs 400 per user, which can be paid in multiple transactions. For example, users can have multiple payment accounts that can be used to top up diamonds on Games, or users can buy a voucher and redeem it at Games

Read more: How to purchase products on Codashop to play or buy games online By purchasing a special coupon through your Steam account, you can buy a gift voucher worth Rs 400 from Games You will receive the gift receipt in your Steam account, and the voucher can then be redeemed to get top-ups from Games Games has special offers to buy gifts.

What are Free Fire Diamonds?

The game sells gems that are used to purchase exclusive cosmetics and weapons. These gems are free to download and create one account with but use them to get different cosmetic items cdrf; you need to purchase them. The game sells two types of gems: Free Fire and Ammo Gems. Free Fire gems are earned after clearing challenges. These challenges are available on the game’s website.

Ammo Gems are used to buy firearms for the game, including pistols, revolvers, submachine guns, and many others. The cheapest weapon costs 30 Ammo Gems. At the same time, the cheapest cosmetic item is only 5 Ammo Gems. Therefore, the most affordable gun and the cheapest cosmetic are identical in price. Free Fire’s Diamonds Free Fire’s diamonds can be purchased in different ways.

Why Do You Need Free Fire Diamonds?

All popular games have their in-game currency. Free Fire is diamonds. Some of the most popular games that offer diamond currencies are Fallout 4, PUBG, CS: GO, Rainbow Six Siege, etc. Diamonds, similar to real-world currencies, are purchased in real-world currency. The most significant advantage of buying diamonds on an online portal is the possibility of getting exclusive outfits, weapons, and items.

An impressive thing to note is that one of the other ways of obtaining diamonds is through playing Free Fire. Free Fire includes a small, well-earned “reward” for every game you play. This enables players to earn diamonds on repeat play. How Can I Earn Free Fire Diamonds? To make free fire diamonds, you must first use a website like Codashop or Games Kharido.

How to Top Up Your Free Fire Game With Games

Free Fire is a premium game that is available for Rs 999. However, it comes bundled with a 25GB data pack, allowing players to simultaneously play it and consume data. To top up your Gems, you can go to Games Kharido and log in. From there, you can browse the available content on the website and purchase the things that you need.

It is advised that you are buying stuff like ammo and guns via the F2P portal, as these are the most affordable. How to Top Up Gems on Games Kharido The site also allows users to purchase premium things from other websites such as Rocket Store, Save Games, etc. But, to buy a single weapon, you have to pay the total price.

Tips For Using Games

Check out when your favorite games are playing, and you will find games that have the most offers running. If a game is not available at the moment, don’t bother to log into the site, as the recommendations will have expired. Games On Games Kharido Games on Games Kharido are an excellent option for users who want to play PUBG, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and other games with the top-ups available on Games Kharido. Some games are also available for players who are not gamers.

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Check out the games on Games Kharido: Once you have found the fair games; you will have to add a credit to your Gameskharido account can be done with a single click.


If you are a shooting game enthusiast and want to play Free Fire on a unique online platform, you can’t miss the opportunity of using an online service such as Games Kharido. You can quickly get a good deal on Free Fire and play this game on the platform of your choice.


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