Garena Free Fire Ankush Id, Stats, Income and Many More.

Garena Free Fire is an online battleground game that has become world popular second number game after the ban of PUBG Mobile. It consists of several characters and content creators like Ajju Bhai, DJ Alok, Sultan Proslo and others. Ankush is one of them that is generally being a well content creator and uploaded a lot of videos so far. Today with the help of this article, we will tell you about Ankush and his free fire ID and stats. 

Garena Free Fire Ankush Id, Stats, Income and Many More.
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Who is Ankush in Garena Free Fire?

Ankush Tripathi alias Ankush is an infamous free fire content creator and his current ID is- 2413759663. Ankush has played more than 20K squad games out of 8468 counts as winning.

Moreover, he has acquired 73344 kills along with a win ratio of 41% and got a K/D ratio of 6.13.

If we talk about his duo and solo modes games performance, then he played 2937 out of 1195 wins. 

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Ankush started his journey as a content creator just a year back. For a long time of span, he was trying his best to make a better collection of free fire videos. Ankush has uploaded 237 videos so far and achieved more than 2 million subscribers on his personal YouTube channel. 

He has become one of the infamous content creators and earned great revenue after uploading such videos. If we discuss the real source of income of Ankush then YouTube is the single source of his income. 

Apart from this, huge fans of Ankush also keep in touch with him on his official social media handles like Facebook and Instagram where he uploaded a lot of content for the betterment of new commerce players. Free fire content creators play a great role to enhance the standard of the game and that is the main reason that why the majority of the crowd prefer to watch the videos of these content creators. 

Ankush Free Fire Stats- What does it mean?

Stats You actually stand for stats and it is used in any kind of competitive arena, not just in sports. Our data for individuals with past performance in the same field or category suggests that. Be it e-sport or regular traditional support in the gaming world. You will see stats for different things like player performance, a player not performance, ground winning stats etc.

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If we talk about the statistics in the gameplay, it is mostly the performance of the player according to the nature of the game. In multiplayer games like Free Fire where you have to eliminate your opponent to win the match.

In those types of games, your stats include your elimination ratio in that specific. And solo, duo even as many game numbers as team formation. Your winning games represent a section of the game. Your overall performance also makes a big impact and shows how you perform and the data includes data such as tactical, survival and exploration.

Now Garena Free Fire has become the world second number most popular game and according to an official source of the report, more than 50 million users have downloaded this game so far. Free Fire content creators work to promote their personal hacks of gaming style but if you want to monetize your game skills and wanted to achieve a great rank then follow the best content creators like Ankush and DJ Alok. 

If you want to make your free fire game journey better after beating your opponents then it will beneficial for you to connect with these content creators after following their YouTube channel

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