Garena Free Fire Badge 99 Id- Lifestyle, Stats and Many More.

Garena Free Fire is an online battleground royale game that becomes popular all over the world. Free Fire is not only famous in India but also the other part of countries and more than 500 million users have been download this game so far. After the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, it becomes one of the downloaded games by children and youths. Today in this article we will discuss the Badge Free Fire Id stats and many more. 

Garena Free Fire Badge 99 Id- Lifestyle, Stats and Many More.
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Badge 99 Free Fire Id- What does it mean?

The badge 99 that is also named Bharat is one of the famous Free Fire content creators on YouTube. He belongs to Uttrakhand India and has uploaded a lot of content regarding the Garena Free Fire so far. If we talk about his popularity on YouTube so he covered more than 7 million viewers and keep supporting a wide range of other players. 

Badge 99 Free Fire Id is 317768081 and he has played more than 7K squad games in which 1361 has won. Apart from this, he also maintained a well and superior KD ratio to kill the enemies. After cover more than a 10% win rate he becomes a top YouTuber to get the duo mode.  

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If we talk about the first video of badge 99 then it was posted in January 2K19 after then he has been uploaded a long-range of videos on his YouTube channel.  He holds more than 1.5 million subscribers that is the only source of income. On a regular basis, he conduct a live stream video on some social media account like Facebook and Instagram where he covered a lot of fans. 

There are several YouTubers are available on the Internet that is posted the content for players but this man is an outstanding quality to create the content that is the main reason today everyone is aware of him.  Badge 99 has fought for a complete of 8719 Squad matches and won a complete of 1519 of them which creates up a seventeen, triumph rate. He took down a complete of 23995 players, that interprets as a duo.75 K/D. His headshots rate is sort of spectacular at thirty one.3.

In duo mode, he fights for a complete of 2009 matches with 187 triumphs, which interprets into a nine.7 triumph rate. He has 4350 kills to his name and a K/ D magnitude relation of 2.15. Badge 99 via complete of 1646 Clash Squad games and 1100 wins. that’s a sixty six.83% win rate, that is really terribly astounding. he’s an excellent Clash Squad player and plenty of his gameplay videos area unit in Clash Squad mode.

He encompasses a total of 8690 kills in Clash Squad and a two.25 K/D/A quantitative relation. His Headshot rate is creating him a quite deadly player to fight against. That additionally explains why he’s the most valuable player of virtually 0.5 the Clash Squad matches.

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With these lifespan stats until date, many folks compare Badge 99 with Raistar, UN agency is thought because the quickest Free hearth player within the world as a result of each of them have unbelievable reaction speed and exactitude in Free hearth. However, all the comparisons area units are simply relative.

Badge 99 becomes one of the renowned YouTubers that crossed the millions of viewers on his channel. Since the Garena Free Fire is played by a wide range of players getting the information from such sources is crucial to every player that is why badge 99 complete this target.

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