Garena Free Fire Lokesh Gamer ID, Bio, YouTube channel and More

Garena Free Fire has become the second most popular game after PUBG. A vast community of players are playing this game across the globe. For learning the new hack and strategy several experienced gamers are existing that teach new things about free fire. 

Lokesh gamer is one of them who introduced many players to the Garena free fire. 

Today in this article we will tell you all the necessary information about Lokesh gamer and his current free fire Id. 

Lokesh Gamer ID
Created By Garena Free Fire

Who is Lokesh Gamer in Free Fire?

Lokesh gamer is one of the famous Indian YouTuber and an experienced gamer that uploads a lot of videos on Youtube about Garena Free Fire. 

Lokesh Gamer is the name of his channel where he uploads a video on a regular basis for the betterment of new commerce players. 

Lokesh Gamer has competed in a pair of games in Squad hierarchic mode and has one match in it with five kills. coming back to solo mode, he has won a pair out of 2 games compete with securing seventeen kills, amounting to a K’D magnitude relation of seventeen.00. Talking of pair mode, he has won only one game that he compete with eight kills.

Basically, the real name of the Lokesh gamer is Lokesh Raj Singh and his residence belongs to Hyderabad Telangana. Lokesh becomes one of the best YouTuber who knows several extraordinary hacks about the Garena Free Fire and steals the show many times. 

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The net worth income of Lokesh is $50,000 which is solely the source from YouTube and some other brand promotion. 

After the ban of PUBG, Garena Free Fire became the second most played game around the world which was created by 111 dot studios. It is preferred by most children and a wide range of players are spending a big amount of money on this game to buy diamonds and other characters. 

The current Id of Lokesh gamer is 220528068  moreover Lokesh holds a great position to become the finest player in the world and his youtube channel covers a lot of subscribers. 

There are several new players who don’t even know the basic squad and royale game strategies and must follow the instructions of Lokesh gamers and perform well. 

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Lokesh Gamer YouTube channel- An overview

Lokesh gamer is not only a single Youtuber that makes videos on Youtube about Garena Free Fire. There are several others but Lokesh has become the favourite one among the players that is why today a vast community of players have subscribed to Lokesh gamers on Youtube. 

Apart from this, Lokesh gamer covers a million subscribers on Instagram where he works as brand promotion. Many players follow his Instagram account and get all new updates there. 

According to the latest information about Garena Free Fire, Lokesh has played more than 1500 duo matches and has secured 150 Booyah so far. His winning rate is more than 10% and still holds a great rank of the player. Lokesh is a popular content creator and has 5.3 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. 

Lokesh gamer covers more than 900 videos so far on YouTube channel playlist and has been viewed by 10 million users. Since Garena free fire has started Lokesh gamer has become the most popular gamer and one of the Successful Youtube so far.

So this is the basic information about Lokesh gamer and how he became the most popular gamer of the Garena free fire. All the players who play Garena free fire are well aware of the Lokesh gamer and his method of playing the game.

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