Garena Free Fire Max: What You Need To Know

Garena Free Fire Max is a free-to-play, tactical team shooter. It is available toward the App Store and Google Play. The game can be executed on smartphones and tablets that have Android 4.4 or higher. Players can enter matches with 15 other players and go head-to-head in various modes with various weapons and equipment.

Garena Free Fire Max: What You Need To Know

Here are excellent tips that will assist you in getting started on Garena Free Fire Max: Learn about the Game Modes: Each game mode has its objectives, ranging from saving hostages to delivering bombs to destroying targets.

What is Garena Free Fire Max?

The Challenge of High Risks: The game has a Battle Royale mode called Prisonbreak, where players have to escape the prison and escape the map while trying to win back more lives to continue the game. The course of the game is randomly generated.

Execution Mode: This mode is similar to the PvP mode of Modern Combat 5 and Battlefield 1. The objective of this mode is to execute each other.

Special Forces Mode: In this mode, you will play as special forces with different abilities. The game has been created in a way wherever the different abilities will complement each other.

Dig for buried treasure: In this mode, players have to use their digging abilities to find buried treasure while exploring the maps.

What’s the Story of Garena Free Fire Max?

The objective of Garena Free Fire Max is simple, complete missions to advance the storyline. Each mission has a point value and a different type of enemy.

The following missions are all that you need to know:

Save a Child: Rescue hostages in a house, defeat enemies and find the hidden message to receive a score bonus.

Rescue a Courier: Travel around the city, recover crates from the rooftops, and complete various objectives for the team to earn a score bonus.

Deliver a Bomb: The team must complete several missions before they can launch a surprise attack on a refinery.

Get In, Get Out: Go on dangerous missions to reach an aircraft that has been captured. The group must remove all of the enemies from the airship before it explodes.

How to Play Garena Free Fire Max.

In the Arcade Game Mode, you have to go through several stages of obstacles. The first stage is a single stage, and the stages progress each time you progress from level to level. The Arcade Mode is available in various game modes, and it can be selected from the main screen.

In Arcade Mode, you can control any vehicle, including cars, boats, hovercraft, etc. Arcade Mode aims to finish as many stages as possible. The Arcade Mode has various obstacles and a high-speed-paced action, so you should know how to use it to your advantage.

In the Target Hunting Mode, you have to protect civilians as they collect petrol. This model includes various vehicles, like tanks, boats, and submarines, so you can’t forget to equip them with weaponry.

Tips for new players

Shoot in the direction you want to go to advance: Do not take the path of least resistance! Shoot at the walls, the sidewalls, or your opponents to move further along.

The longer you spend in a particular game mode, the more damage your character will take. Each game mode is unique, and no two games are alike. Get used to each game mode before you enter the competitive arena.

 Accept your fate as a beginner: It will be easier if you cooperate with players that have played the game for some time.

Do not try to dominate a match. Teamwork is the key to victory.

Don’t panic. You will not last long if you constantly change your strategy in a match. Maintain a steady presence on the map and execute the proper tactical plan.

Learn from your mistakes.

Game modes

Hero Modes: In this mode, players are given a chance to become a hero and join the fight. The victory points earned are shared amongst the squad. Players can choose their name and appearance to be a part of the hero. Some of the perks to be included with the hero are dual-wielding weapons and weapons the main character is not skilled. Victory Points: This mode is similar to the hero mode in which players have a set of objectives to complete.

The more prominent the number of points, the higher EXP they will receive at the end of each round. Story Mode: In this mode, players are the main characters and must complete multiple missions. The victory points earned are shared amongst the squad, and EXP depends on the team’s performance.


Overall, Garena Free Fire Max is an online multiplayer game that you can enjoy on Android. The game is free-to-play, and many players have joined the game, which shows the potential of Garena Free Fire Max.

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