7 Tips to Increase Rank for Grandmaster on Solo in Free Fire!

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game that allows users to play with their friends or squad. You can also play it by yourself. So, anytime and whenever you wish, play battleground games with your group.

It’s also quite straightforward and thrilling to raise your rank and win the battle royale when you’re playing with your team. Playing solo, on the other hand, maybe challenging for you. So, it’s vital to raise your rank when you’re alone on the battlefield. So, in this article, I’ll share 7 tips to Increase your rank for grandmaster on Solo in free fire.  Give it a shot, especially if you’re playing solo.

7 Tips to Increase Rank for Grandmaster on Solo in Free Fire.

1. Make use of a scanner and a campfire.

The summon airdrop, supply crate, refill map, bounty token, armor crate, lag pockets, bonfire, and scan are all available loadout possibilities in the free-fire. You should, however, go for a bonfire and scan for a match among them.

The reason for this is that in solitary mode, there will be no one to revive you. So, in an emergency, the bonfire will assist you in restoring your health. In addition, the scanner will tell you how many adversaries will be joining you on the battlefield.

So, if you use bonfire and scan in solitary mode, you can get closer to the grandmaster tyre and rank for grandmaster on Solo in free fire .

2. Stay at the safe zone’s far end.

You’ll run across a lot of foes if you’re in the zone’s center. So, better to be played at the ‘end of the safe zone.’ Because there is a lower possibility of your opponents detecting you at that point. It will also help you gain more survival points.

3. Having a suppressor is essential.

The suppressor is a firearm accessory used in free fire. It aids in concealing your firing location on the map. So, you can join the third party without sending a signal, allowing you to kill your foes without being detected. Indeed, using suppressor, you gain the highest kill to fast push rank in the grandmaster tier as a solo.

4. Board the car.

One of 7 tips to Increase your rank for grandmaster on solo in free fire is to get a vehicle. In solitary mode, it will be difficult for you to survive in the battleground for long time. Therefore, the best vehicle should be used. Using a Lamborghini car will provide you with complete protection from enemy bullets. What makes Lamborghini so special? It is preferable to utilize in the last circle because it has a higher health capacity.

5. Gloo walls.

To fend off your opponents in a single-mode, you’ll need more cover. because the longer you stay on the battlefield, the more points you’ll earn toward grandmaster status. So, always choose enough Gloo wall. Because this helps to make the gunfire barrier.

6. Make a camp on the highest point in the area.

In the Garena free fire game to rank for Grandmaster on Solo in Free Fire , there are numerous camping spots. However, among them, towers are the greatest site for camping. If you camp at a higher elevation, you will benefit from advantages such as being able to utilize scopes properly from the top and having full coverage.

7. Timing

You must be patient and wait for the ideal moment in free-fire solo bouts. For instance, you should not jump into a dispute between two parties without first resolving it.

You should shoot with precise timing if your assailant is in front of you and you have complete coverage. Rather than fighting between them, look for the best opportunity to attack.

So there you have it: 7 tips to Increase your rank for grandmaster on solo in free fire. This will surely help you achieve grandmaster status in the free fire game when you are playing solo.

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