PUBG Mobile- World Best PUBG Player.

All gamers’ favourite game is PUBG. Since its release, the game has dominated the charts worldwide. The game’s rise in popularity has produced some of the top PUBG players on the planet. Players in esports, particularly in PUBG, are gradually becoming more competitive. Several top PUBG players worldwide are vying to become the game’s champion daily. Here is a list of all the players dubbed “the best Pubg player in the world.”

PUBG Mobile- World Best PUBG Player.
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World’s best PUBG Mobile player: XQF Paraboy

On our list of the best Pubg players in the world, XQF Paraboy is ranked first. The real name of Paraboy is XQF Zhu Bocheng. He’s renowned as the God of PUBG Mobile. Paraboy is the most dependable and MVP in territorial and international contests held worldwide by a considerable margin. He was awarded MVP of the recently concluded PEC 2020. Nova XQF, his group won the PEL Season 2 and the PEC 2020. 

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World’s best Pubg player XQF Order

Cheng Zhai is ranked second on our list of the best Pubg players in the world. He goes by the moniker XQF Order. Zhai is an XQF coworker. He is China’s finest player when it comes to PUBG. The request is all-powerful in a proximity conflict. Many have dubbed him “the next big thing” in the Esports industry. He still won’t say anything about his PUBG Mobile Global Version issue. 

BTR Zuxxy

Made Bagas “Zuxxy” Pramudita is Bigetron RA’s in-game pioneer. BTR Zuxxy is the most well-known PUBG Mobile player in Indonesia. Zuxxy also has a YouTube channel called Zuxxy Gaming. Zuxxy is his BTR group’s IGL. He prefers to play with his four fingers and a whirligig. Zuxxy took home the Esports Awards’ Esports Mobile Player of the Year award for the first time. He also has nearly 1.7 million supporters.

33Svan – 33Svan is a well-known sniper and ally who is widely regarded as the top Pubg player in the world. He finished second in the 2021 World Championship after winning the PUBG Mobile World Championship League. During the association stage, he was also named PMGC’s MVP. At PMGC, he also maintains the titles of Damage Master and Last Man Standing.

RRQ Earnny – RRQ Earnny is a well-known PUBG attacker who mainly competes in scrims and PUBG matches. Because of his 1v1 tight battle victories, he grew to recognisable global quality. Furthermore, he is the most talented DMT client. Because of his achievements and extraordinary game abilities, he is now one of the most remarkable PUBG adaptable players on the planet. Since joining RRQ Athena, Earnny has played a significant role in the group’s growth. 

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Mortal –In India, Mortal is arguably the finest PUBG player. Mortal, also known as Naman Mathur, was born and raised in Mumbai, then he started his YouTube channel with over 6.35 million subscribers. In addition, he is one of India’s most talented esports gamers. Mortal is the chief of Soul Clan and a four-finger earth process dominatrix. PUBG Mobile Club Open – Sprint Split India and PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 sacked the central scenario 


ScoutOP may have caught the attention of PUBG fans in India. He is one of India’s most recognisable PUBG gamers. Scout, also known as Tanmay Singh, has a YouTube channel dedicated to PUBG material. Scout has more than 3.49 million YouTube fans. He is the first Indian to reach the Conqueror level in PUBG. In the Qume Bitcoin Cup and Fighting League 2018-India, he came out on top, and he was the only Indian to compete in the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Asia in 2018.

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