Free Fire MAX is available worldwide! Take a look at what’s new in this addition!

The Free Fire Max is now available, as stated in the headline. So, people have a few questions about this, the most common of which is: Are Free Fire and Free Fire Max the same? Or Will this upgrade/switch cause you to lose your gems? Well, the game’s visuals have been improved to provide a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience, while the game’s core gameplay remains unchanged. This means users will enjoy exclusive features, more realistic landscapes, and a more immersive gameplay experience in the game. Also, no you will not lose your gaming performance.

To give you a clear picture of the same, let’s have a look at what has changed in this upgrade.

Free Fire MAX: Now Available on Google Play Store & IOS Apple Store.

So, the question was, “Will you lose your gems if you upgrade/switch?”

You do not need to be afraid about losing your gaming performance or jewels. If you have been playing Free Fire for a long and now wish to upgrade, know that all your old data will be transferred to Free Fire Max. Yes, you read that correctly. Both crossplay and cross-progression between the two games are possible. Thanks to Firelink technology!

Here’s how to get it back:

·      Log in to Free Fire MAX using your current Free Fire account.

·      Sync all account data across both apps, including account progress and game goods.

·      Play all game types with any Free Fire user, regardless of whatever app you are using.

Free Fire Max: what has changed in this upgrade?

The Free Fire MAX is now available on Google Play and the iOS App Store all around the world. This mobile application Free Fire MAX will provide users the same Free Fire experience but with improved specs.

Craftland: It allows you to create and play in your unique maps!

Craftland is the only feature that allows users to design their maps. Also, they can share the same with their friends directly from their smartphones. For a sociable and fun experience with friends, users may get creative and include numerous items, buildings, structures, and decorations on their maps.

More realistic maps are available in Free Fire MAX!

Graphically improved maps are included in Free Fire MAX, allowing players to enjoy the exclusive features of their favorite levels.

Also, map effects have been added to the game to give a more genuine feel. This new map named Bermuda MAX will be introduced to Free Fire MAX. This is distinguished by its attention to detail. The Clocktower and Factory areas have been redone in Bermuda MAX, with more detail added to both the inside and outside structures.

Free Fire MAX Provides a More Immersive Gaming Environment!

In the new free fire, both visual and audio updates are accessible, allowing gamers to fully immerse themselves in their gaming experience.

Moreover, basic actions like running, leaping, and crawling have had their animations improved to give a smoother and more realistic experience. Along with that, special animations have been added for when players ingest mushrooms and parachute them into the map.

Weapon effects have also been improved in this new game. Weapons now have added tracer effects, and bullet holes will appear on walls and some buildings on the terrain. Also, the reloading animations and sound effects have been updated to provide greater realism.

These were all the new features in this game. I will catch up with you in my future article. Until then, also read How to gain 100% Top Up Bonus: Free Fire Top Up.

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